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Tokyo Disneyland in January 2017

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  • Tokyo Disneyland in January 2017

    Hi I am from Australia and am planning a somewhat last minute Disney vacation. I was thinking the original magic kingdom in Anaheim...however after watching a few vlogs I am now convinced I should go to Tokyo! It is also much closer for me to travel there.
    I do have a few concerns though....

    1) I have heard Tokyo Disneyland is incredibly crowded and you can only do 3 attractions in one day???? Is this true. My travel dates would be 11th Jan (Wednesday) for four nights.
    2) How do you get to Tokyo Disneyland from the airport? I can't find any clear information online.
    3) I went to look at ticket prices and I couldn't book for my dates in January? Will they be averrable at a later date?
    4)Am i crazy to go to Tokyo instead of Anahiem?
    5) Any other ideas/tips would be greatly apprecitated!

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    Here are some answers to your questions:

    1) Even on the most crowded days if you get to the park early (at least 40 minutes before opening time), you will be able to do more than 3 attractions in one day. January tends to be quieter than other times of the year so it should not be that crowded even though a new event will start at both parks from the 12th of January.

    2) Bus is the easiest way to get to the resort from either airport (Haneda/Narita).
    Will you be arriving later than the last bus?

    3) Online tickets will be available closer to the date (up to 2 months in advance), so if you wait a few more days you should be able to start buying tickets for the dates of your visit.

    4) This is my personal opinion but if you have never been to a Disney park and you do not understand Japanese then Anaheim might be better because you will understand everything (shows and rides) since it is all in English. But if you have already been to a Disney park before then Tokyo would be great to visit.

    5) a) Operation hours on the 11th and 12th are longer at Tokyo Disney Sea than Disney Land, so you might want to consider going to Disney Sea first.
    b) The Grand Circuit Raceway (not much of an attraction) will close permanently on the the 11th of January so Disney Land might be very crowded that day.
    c) Considering it will be summer in Australia, you are going to feel very cold in Tokyo during your visit (especially when the sun is not out), so please dress appropriately.


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      You can do way more than three attractions in one day- just keep in mind the wait for the big names will be 1-2 hours after an hour or so while the park is open. But stuff like Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Pinnochio, etc. are all much easier to see routinely.