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  • Luggage storage or delivery?

    Hello! I will be at TDR in March with my mom, my husband and two sons (ages 3 and 5). Except for my 3 year old, we have all been to the resort before.
    03/20 - Arrive at NRT, check into Hilton Tokyo Bay.
    ...a few days later...
    03/24 - Check out from Hilton as early as possible, head for the city. See Tokyo. Spend the night in Shibuya.
    03/25 - See Tokyo. After dinner (8pm?), head for airport hotel
    03/26 - Arrive at airport by 7am for 9am flight to Shanghai

    In a perfect world, I could send my luggage from Hilton Tokyo Bay to the airport hotel so I don't have to deal w/it at all during our quick trip to the city and then to the airport hotel. I see it's possible and that there are companies who can make this happen, but has anyone actually tried this?

    Are we better off lugging our bags to Shibuya and using a locker or luggage storage service? Can you secure a storage locker overnight? Does anyone have an alternate suggestion? In Shibuya, we will likely be staying at an Air B&B place without its own bell desk.

    Thank you!

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    Considering the hassles of dragging your luggage across town on possibly crowded trains/station platforms and then trying to find the luggage service/empty lockers, I would definitely send it to your airport hotel.


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      I've done something similar, and it's a giant pain in the rear. Remember that the connector in Tokyo Station is a HUGE hike from the Keyo line (TDR) to the Yamanote. Lugging bags through that sucked, really badly. Then you'll be sitting on the Yamanote at rush hour with your luggage. That's probably the one trip I'd take a taxi (very expensive). I wound up leaving my bags at the Sheraton Grande at TDR after I checked out and picked them up a week later before heading to the airport. There's probably cheap shuttles from the Hilton at TDR to Narita, maybe leave your bags at the Hilton and head back out there to grab them, then take a shuttle from there to the airport? You also get another brief visit to the resort, so you can pick up a few last minute souvenirs at Bon Voyage. Don't forget to factor the cost of the monorail line, though.


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        Thank you for the feedback!! Now more than ever I am convinced to find a way to dump my bags -- either via delivery service or at the Hilton. I didn't know it would be an option to store it for an extended period. Great idea! Thanks again.