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Best week to visit TDR March 2018?


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  • Best week to visit TDR March 2018?

    Hello! I'm new to Mice Chat, and so glad there's an English​ forum for TDR!

    My family of four is planning a 3 week trip to Tokyo from March 10-30, 2018, and would like to visit TDR for four days (either Mon-Thu or Tue-Fri.)

    We will likely stay in the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay, checking in the day before so that we can get up early and head to the parks an hour before opening. We're flexible in terms of which week we visit TDR during our trip, and am hoping someone can shed some light on how to figure out the week with lightest crowds.

    I've been studying TDR Navi's crowd calendars, but cannot find a pattern for which March week will have the lightest crowds. Some years, all of March is at capacity or nearly so. Other years, some weeks are light capacity. I'm so confused! Additionally, would you say Mondays are quieter, or Fridays?

    I've been told the early March crowds are due to college students finishing exams early and the later March crowds are due to elementary school kids getting out for Spring Break. I'm wondering then, why the crowd levels vary so much year to year?

    Any advice in regards to how I might determine a quieter timeframe to visit, and what affects the crowd level variances would be VERY much appreciated!

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