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Popcorn buckets - Where to find them outside?

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  • Popcorn buckets - Where to find them outside?


    We visited TDL yesterday and were amazed at the popcorn buckets and the flavours! Sadly, we just got one (Olaf) and would love to get the Potato Head for my other daughter (in hindsight as both my daughters are fighting over the one Olaf!). Any idea if we can find them outside somewhere? We are visiting Tokyo and would be leaving next weekend and most likely will not have another opportunity to visit TDL or TDS. Any help in finding them would be greatly appreciated!


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    Ive also searched for some elusive, and Tokyo Disney Resort exclusive popcorn buckets myself! I eventually found one on eBay and one on Yahoo Auctions Japan. There are several people that have set up a services to buy items for you in the Tokyo parks, but add a fee. This doesn't help, however, if the item you're looking for is no longer available in the parks. Good luck!