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Using US Credit Cards for Disney Hotel Reservations

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  • Using US Credit Cards for Disney Hotel Reservations

    Does anyone have an update on the use of US credit cards to make reservations at the Tokyo Disney hotels? At one point is was reported that only some US MasterCards would work, but the TDR website now states that US MasterCards are not accepted. Anyone have success in using a US credit card? If so, please recap. Note that the TDR website requires admission ticket purchases to be made with Credit Cards having a security verification feature that no US bank (to my knowledge) offers - except for some debit cards.

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    I was in the same predicament as yourself at the beginning of the year. I didn't have any MasterCard besides a debit card. Tried the Visa cards with no luck. I eventually just tried my MasterCard debit card and used it as a credit card, and lo and behold it went through. If you're doing a hotel reservation you can just include your park tickets in your hotel reservation. You could also just purchase the tickets when you arrive at the hotel.

    The other option is to call and book a room through the phone reservation system. They are not as stringent with foreign credit cards when calling the reservation line. Unfortunately the reservation line opens room reservations a month after the online reservations now so you might have slim pickings.
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