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Tokyo Disneyland - Shopping After Closing?

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  • Tokyo Disneyland - Shopping After Closing?

    Hello there!

    We are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland for a short amount of time with the After 6 Passport.
    Do they allow shopping for 1 hour after closing time like in the U.S. parks?

    Just wondering so we can fully maximize our time, riding as many rides as we can.

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    The last time I was in TDR (3 years ago) that was exactly the case: the shops were open 1 hr after the stated closing.


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      I was there three weeks ago. Be aware that some of the shops are opened indefinitely after park close, but we were ushered out of some shops at World Bazaar. Any of the specialized shops pass Center Street seem to close about 10 minutes after park close. I suggest that if you want to shop, find some down time between FPs and put your stuff into a locker. They're super cheap ranging from about 300 yen for a backpack sized locker to 700 yen which could fit a suitcase.
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