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Visiting multiple parks?


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  • Visiting multiple parks?

    My son and daughter-in-law are contemplating teaching in Taiwan for a year. Coincidentally enough, I am reading a book I got for Christmas, The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic that talks about all the Disney Parks worldwide and it had already gotten me thinking it would be fun to visit the parks in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. My wife and I would go visit at least once if they were in Taiwan, and I’m wondering if anyone has been to those three parks? It would probably be our only opportunity to check out those three parks, but I worry that I should maybe devote more time to visiting other landmarks/sites rather than going to three amusement parks? This is all very hypothetical, and if we did go, I don’t know what kind of budget we would have or how long we would have to explore—definitely no more than two weeks total, including our time in Taiwan. Anyway, any thoughts?

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    That is a difficult question For me I live in Asia/Japan since 9 years, and despite loving Disney and its Theme parks it took me more than a year to visit Tokyo Disneyland. While I love the parks, if this is the first time you are in Asia I would probably go more for other sightseeing. Taiwan is easily to go around on weekends though. China and Japan have a lot to offer outside the parks for weeks, getting priorities right is difficult. If you stop one day by a Disneyland why not, but as a main focus? Not sure, I probably wouldn't do it, but it depends on your love for Disneyland.


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      Thanks for responding! I appreciate your input.


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        On an additional Note. With enough early reservation there are various LCC between those countries and travelling shouldn't go into that much into the budget.