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Rooms at Resort for 5 guests.


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  • Rooms at Resort for 5 guests.

    Aloha friends,

    My wife, 3 children and myself are planning a trip to Japan for 10 days with 4-5 days at TDL/TDS. I was devestated to find out that the standard rooms at the onsite properties only accomodate up to 4 guests. I was under the impression that children could share a bed, however the new website only allows bedshare for children 11 or under. My youngest is 12.

    Does anyone know if the hotel will make accommodations if we request bedshare or pay for an additional mattress? It has been my dream for 9 years to stay in the miracosta or disneyland hotel, and I simply cannot afford to rent 2 rooms!

    Any advice? Thank you in advance to anyone that has experience/expertise in this area.


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    This is interesting. On the Japanese Website there are two options for 12 years old:

    12 years (Primary School) - Bedshare allowed.
    12 years (Middle school) - No Bedsharing

    On various places it says bedsharing is ok for primary schoolers.

    There are very few options with 5 people for the Disneyland Hotel and they are pricey. Mira Costa doesn't have any option. If your youngest is 12 I would book as 11 (or book over the phone and say that your child goes to primary school.

    Also book the hotel on the date/time your planned stay gets available!
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      My son will be 13. I thought they would check the passport. I might have to book 2 rooms. I think I will try to do it for one night just for the experience, I have 5 nights at the hilton Tokyo Bay. Iam pretty sad I had to compromise ....


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        Yeah they probably will check the passports Hopefully you still we have a great experience!


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          They do ask for passports at checkin.


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