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    I'm gonna be studying abroad in Tokyo this spring/summer and am planning on hitting TDR a couple of times while I'm there (three or four 2-day trips most likely).

    I'm planning on doing everything in both parks, but just as a first timer I was curious if there were any particular tips that would be useful for someone who's not familiar with the resort. Stuff like what I should be prioritizing in terms of FP, standby lines, land layouts, parades, shows, anything else that might be useful to know etc. I won't be staying on-site.

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    Yes just like all the Disney Parks, there are tips and must do's but at TDR there seems to be more. The main thing ( and exciting thing) is brace yourself for the sheer amount of crowds. Though, very polite, the amount of people that TDR has at one time compared to other parks is startling. When you have to wait 45 minutes for Popcorn, you will understand. With this said, FP is very important. Getting there an hour before Rope Drop is recommended as the " running of the bulls" ( as we affectionately call it) is important to get your first Fast Pass. Depending on which park, there is STRATEGY on which attraction to go to get your fast pass and then run to another to get in line. Most people separate to make this most effective. If you have any questions, please let me know. We have been to all the parks and are going to TDR this May 2018 for the 35th anniversary.


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