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ticket question - one day stay on property - can I buy a 4 day pass?


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  • ticket question - one day stay on property - can I buy a 4 day pass?

    Hi ticket question here,

    I will be staying one night at Tokyo disneyland hotel, and then the remaining 4 nights at Hilton Tokyo Bay.

    I know that both of these hotels guarantee that you can buy tickets even on sold out day, but I was wondering if I would be able to buy a 4 day pass during my one day stay at the tokyo disneyland hotel? Or if they will limit me to a one day pass since I will only be at that hotel for one day?

    Any advice?


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    Cedar, I did this before. But honestly can't remember whether they let me do it or not--I want to say that they did not--because of the benefits you receive as a hotel guest. Something to consider tho: The benefit to a 4 day ticket is it allows you to park hop on days 3 and 4. Your first two days you will have to select which 1 park you want to go in on those two days-which I generally dedicate a day to each park and then park hop to do the things that I missed or want to do again on the remaining days. So consider that when purchasing your ticket either from the hotel or a ticket booth--which aren't very crowded mid day. I have found that sometimes the partner hotels require you to pay cash for your tickets-so consider that. Best reco I could give you tho for your trips--is get to the park at the very minimum 45 mins before the gates open. Even earlier--just sit there and write postcards or something--but it's all about getting in early that day. And to be truthful the 15 min hotel perk of going in--is beneficial but you won't mess up the day without it. Not sure of your plans or time of day you arrive, but this is my routine when I go (about two years): the airport bus drops me off at TDL Resort (generally mid day around 4pm). I go to a ticket booth and buy my ticket, then go to the monorail and buy my week's pass. Then go to the hotel. Depending on my financial status at that time I will either begin Day 1 of my ticket that day or buy a specific night time ticket and wander the park that evening. Good luck--have fun, get to the parks early and enjoy.


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