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3 Day TDR trip in January. HELP PLEASE!!!


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  • 3 Day TDR trip in January. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Hey all, firsttime to Japan!

    I am goIng to TDR 1/14 - 1/17 and need a bit of advice and some tips.

    Per my itenirary, I am staying at the TDH 1/14 - 1/15 and Miracosta 1/15 - 1/17; flying back to the states on 1/17. I need advice for transferring from TDH to Miracosta and what parks should I go to on which days. Since I am going during the slow season hours seem to be limited:

    TDL: 1/14 ~ 8:30a - 7:00p. 1/15 ~ 10:00a - 7:00p. 1/16 ~ 10:00a - 7:00p.
    TDS: 1/14 ~ 8:00a - 10:00p. 1/15 ~ 8:00a - 7:00p. 1/16 ~ 10:00a - 7:00p

    Please let me know how I should plan my park visits to optimize my time at the resorts. I am also looking to make some dining reservations so I'll be able to gauge which restaurants on which days. Help guys!!!

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions on other things to do withing the hotels and resort I'll appreciate it.

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    Have you been to TDL or TDS?

    If not, I would definitely spend more time in TDS as it is unique to this park and only this park.

    First time I went I was in awe at the detail and size of TDS. It's amazing.

    Remember this, since you have early entry, you will not be able to get fastpasses until the actual park opening, but thats OK. Also, remember, you MUST show up about an hour early or sooner to wait for the main gates to open. No lie, we go their an hour early and the line for early entry was about 500 people deep. They really like to get their early and have a full day.

    I went on a slow day as well. What I did was go to Tower or Terror, waited to get a fastpass, got it, then headed to Journey to the Center of the Earth, and rode that right away. After I was done with that my ToT fastpass was ready and I was able to get another JTTCOTE fastpass (Amazing ride). The rest of the day I spent eating, exploring, getting fastpasses here and there. I was able to get on all the rides by 5 PM. This included an hour break for lunch.

    TDL on the other hand if you want to ride the big rides, Pooh, Monsters, HM, Pirates, etc. This will take more time as their are more rides in the park and i felt it was busier than TDS. Pooh definitely has huge lines, we wanted 90 minutes as fastpasses went quick and we wanted to check out traditional Disney rides rather than the newer ones.

    For food - The snack carts are the best. Loved the pizza egg roll in Toontown. Loved the Tiger tail in Arabian Coast. Popcorn lines are long and very popular. Waffle at American Waffle Company was delicious. Most of the sit down meals were at TDS - Magellan's for Dinner (asked for the secret room and it was available) and SS Columbia for Lunch, both were great with service and food quality.

    In all honesty, next time I go, next year, I will stick with the quick service food carts. They have some amazing stuff on them and very unique!

    Good website for dinning -

    Have a great time. Take a deep breath and enjoy it, its a great place to visit!!!


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      Accidental post

      well if it’s not to late for advice:

      If you are staying at the hotels, then take advantage of the Happy 15 (should give you the pass upon check in). With this 15 minutes, I found that you didn’t have to arrive that early (I arrived just in time for the early entry). Since Fastpasses go quick, I recommend getting in line to grab one for Pooh or Monsters the minute the park opens and then get in line to ride the other one immediately after.
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        At the TDH, check out the gardens at night. They are very pretty and seemed to be overlooked by other guests when I went. I enjoyed the Afternoon Tea at the Dreamers Lounge in the hotel and recommend it as a good break.


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