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This made me want to visit Tokyo Disneyland!


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  • This made me want to visit Tokyo Disneyland!

    This video made me want to be
    a tourist in Tokyo Disney Sea:
    From absolutely stunning vistas to modern marvels of attractions, the park ticks the boxes in all areas. It’s the culmination of everything Disney has learne...

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    I visited for the first time last October and considered it well worth it! TDS is the best example of how wonderful a non-castle park can be.


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      Walking into Tokyo Disney Sea was one of the biggest draw dropping moments at any Disney park. It looks incredible. Loved it!!!


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        The place is spectacular from all reports I have heard. My son visited the park last year with a friend after they completed college. He said besides Japan being a wonderful country and probably the best foreign culture he has ever experienced, their Disney parks far outshine anything here in the USA, and he attributes it mostly to the wonderfully polite Japanese culture. The parks are spotlessly clean, the CMs love their jobs and have an enthusiasm unsurpassed by any service industry just proving that the Japanese are always good at taking an American thing and refining it and improving it.


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          It’s all pretty much true. Going back in 10 days as I sit here counting the minutes..
          Permanecer sentado por favor...


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            been twice in past three years, planning a third within the next. TDS FTW! :-)


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              Tokyo DisneySea is simply the best non castle Disney park on Earth. Period. A must see for anyone who calls him/herself a Disney fan.


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                Originally posted by Aotphks View Post
                Tokyo DisneySea is simply the best non castle Disney park on Earth. Period. A must see for anyone who calls him/herself a Disney fan.
                Agreed. Already have my flights booked for May 2020.
                Permanecer sentado por favor...


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                  tokyo disney sea is the best theme park in the world


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                    DisneySea is amazing. actually both Japan parks are. I visit them yearly and the warmth, excitement and magic of the parks never seems to fade. The secret ingredient are the incredible cast members.
                    This may sound redundant but you really feel like you're treated as a guest when you're in the parks. The service of the cast members is outstanding. A few examples:
                    • I once spilled over my drink at the Tomorrowland Terrace but before I could pick it up a cast member rushed to my table and took care of it, asked what I was drinking and provided me with a new drink.
                    • When I dropped my map near the Philharmagic entrance a cast member rushed over, picked it up, cleaned it with a cloth and handed it back to me.
                    It may sound like I'm extremely clumsy (lol) but these were some stand out experiences. You can just feel the love the cast members have for their jobs.

                    And then there are the many performances in the park. Some are more obvious like the drum- and horn playing pirates in adventureland but there are also more 'undercover' performances like cast members dressed like regular cleaning cast members that perform comedy bits in the park. These are random but delightful when you come across them.


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                      I like this video, thank you for sharing. And I would like to visit this place.


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                        A very nice video that brings back a lot of memories.

                        For me, here would be the scores that my friend and I largely agreed upon.

                        Cast Members:
                        10/10 They just don't get any better. At both TDS and Tokyo Disneyland, we never met one CM who didn't have a smile for us, a wave, or both. They, along with the Shanghai CMs, are the best of all Disney parks. Helpful, anticipate your needs, and are right there when you need them. Truly amazing.

                        Visual Aura and Theming of the park:
                        10/10 A truly stunning park. The attention to detail is beyond compare and the lands flow from one to another seamlessly. The cleanliness of the park is immaculate.

                        10/10 for Big Band Beat--a "don't miss." One of the most professional shows I've seen in a Disney park. If not the best.
                        10/10 for the Magic Lamp Theater show we saw.
                        7.5/10 for the nighttime fireworks/Fantasmic presentation. We didn't get as much into this one. Not bad, just not memorable.

                        Journey to the Center of the Earth: 9.5/10
                        20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: 7.5/10; located in a stunning location, just didn't resonate with me as much as I had hoped. The ride vehicles, even though it was just my friend and I in the submersible, were very intriguing, but tough to get comfortable in, and see much. The angles weren't there to see things all that clearly for any great length of time. Had hoped for more.
                        Nemo: 7.5/10; cute show but nothing overly memorable.
                        Indiana Jones: 10/10; just as well executed as it is here in the states.
                        Tower of Terror: 10/10; another well-executed take on the originals
                        Sindbad's Storybook Adventure: 10/10; maybe my favorite attraction in the park; a simple boat ride, but of good length; audioanimatronics are sensational; and a theme song that pulls at the heartstrings.
                        Aquatopia: 7.5/10
                        Raging Spirits: 8/10; a little rollercoaster similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris.

                        Overall, a great park. Had a really enjoyable time. Would definitely go back.
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                          Thanks, CASurfer65 & Jord!

                          Here's another worthwhile video of DisneySea. It contains what I think was an unintentionally funny line: "They have Venetian gondolas, like in Las Vegas!"

                          Is this the most elaborately themed park ever built? Tokyo DisneySea cranks theming up to 11! Once you visit, you'll never view a theme park the same ever ag...


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                            Here's another post I just saw about Tokyo Disneyland, and it made me think--I bet the awesome, Walt-like Oriental Land Company will create these attractions with more attention to detail than the new attractions that will (hopefully) come to EPCOT or Disneyland Paris. Also, I'm sharing this post from way back in 2016 because I'd be curious to hear one of you Tokyo Disney experts comment on if and/or how well these announced attractions turned out.



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                              I wanna go so bad! Can anyone smuggle me in their suitcase?


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