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April 2020 or May 2020? Help me figure out our vacation dates please!


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  • April 2020 or May 2020? Help me figure out our vacation dates please!

    My husband and I had planned on going back to Tokyo and TDR May 14-23, 2020 (the most perfect week in my opinion) but his parents just told us they booked a cruise during that time (we can’t both be away at the same time due to pets) - so now we are trying to replan our dates. Ideally we wanted May because of the weather- Golden week starts 4/29 and goes through Wednesday 5/6- do you think the crowds will dissipate by Friday the 8th? I was thinking of flying out of NJ on the 7th which would get us to Tokyo Friday afternoon the 8th, we would stay in the city till Sunday night or maybe even Monday morning and then do Disney Monday/Tuesday the 11th/12th till Friday/Sat the 15th or 16th. I am questioning if the crowds could still be bad? Would locals extend golden week into that next weekend even though most of the country has been off for the full week before? Is this a horrible idea?

    Another window would be leaving Thursday May 28, getting to Tokyo the afternoon of the 29th, doing the city till Sunday night and then Disney Monday June 1 till Friday June 5th and go back home sat night- but I’m worried about the weather. I know June starts rainy season and humidity and I’m guessing it feels like Florida in the summer which is not enjoyable at all! Lol

    Or!! Third option- April 16-25th before Golden Week starts. But is that too cold? April temps are usually highs of 60-65 with lows of 50-55, but a friend of ours went this past April and it was in the 40’s at night! Not ideal for park touring in our opinion.

    Any advice would be most appreciated!

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    Looking at past data, crowd should be low from Monday the 11th, with Tuesday-Thursday the lowest. So it should be fine. Weekends still can be bad.

    The crows remain low during whole May on weekdays. The Easter special program usually runs out in the first week of June, so if this is important, earlier may be better.

    The week before golden week is also ok. Imo the temperatures are not that bad, the wind in Sea can make it chilly though. I just would leave before Golden Week start

    One thing to consider is, that next spring the new Beauty and the Beast area in TDS will be open. Afaik an exact opening date has not been communicated yet, just spring 2020. So maybe later is better?


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      We have avoided the weekends on our past trips because of the notoriously high crowds! Def don't want to be there during that.

      The beauty and the beast area would be awesome to see, but I feel like it could make the crowds crazy worse?


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        Avoiding weekends is the right thing to do

        I dont think that Beauty and the Beast are will increase the total crowd after the first week or so. Especially during the weekdays.


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          OLC just announced that the beauty and the beast etc will open on 4/15!


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            Originally posted by slapshot View Post
            OLC just announced that the beauty and the beast etc will open on 4/15!
            I know!! So exciting!!!
            I think with going May 11th - 15th that gives it a few weeks to calm down from the craziness that its going to be when it first opens!


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              That is a good plan


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                I agree WallyWorld81. Those dates are very good. In fact, we've had those same dates for a few months now. This will be our third year in a row of going just as Golden Weeks end and honestly, I've never found the weekends to be bad at that time either. My two cents.
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