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Differences between Team Disney Anaheim and Tokyo Disney Management.


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  • slapshot
    As a summary, Disney neither owns nor manages Tokyo Disneyland Resort. This is done by the Oriental Land Company (OLC), so what people praise about TDR is often thanks to decisions from OLC. They for example decide on the investment of new attractions etc (which are build by Disney - but more budget obviously helps). You can search after the Oriental Land Company in this forum and find some more information.

    That being said, not everything is perfect at TDR. Mainly parades and shows also suffer from budget cuts and sometimes feel a little bit poor compared to earlier iterations.

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  • Differences between Team Disney Anaheim and Tokyo Disney Management.

    My families Sig+ passes expire later this month and we have decided we are done going to Disneyland under the current management. We have been giving Tokyo Disneyland some serious consideration. The prices to go to the parks in Tokyo are very affordable as well as some of the good neighbor hotels on the monorail. The only considerable costs associated with the trip is the airfare but I have award card miles that would give me a significant discount on Singapore Airlines which makes the trip more affordable than Anaheim.

    But that brings me to my initial question. How does the management of the two parks differ? I assume both fall under the control of the Bobs, which seem to ruin everything here. But then again, I hear nothing but great things about Tokyo Disneyland, so the Bobs can't possibly have any say if that is the case. Anyone with experience with how both parks run operationally care to offer some insight? I would post this in the Tokyo forum but it seems to have very little activity and many of the posters I have seen there appear to frequent WDW over Disneyland.
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