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Anyone been to Tokyo Disney with a group or small business convention?


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  • Anyone been to Tokyo Disney with a group or small business convention?

    I'm heading up a small business convention in Disney World this year and our company is looking at options to possibly go foreign Disney for 2021. Up for the running are Paris and Tokyo Disney. I'm looking to see if anyone here has either gone with a bigger group (15-20) or small business meeting and how your experience was.

    With the Covid 19 situation, they don't even have anyone you can speak to about their group rules or how they run. Since it's technically not owned by Disney, I'm assuming they do things differently than if you plan an event for the regular Disney Parks.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Since new rules/regulations are being brought in due to Covid19 when the resort reopens next week, I think contacting the resort directly would be your best option.


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      Sorry I'm not answering your question, but I just think it's awesome you're considering those two locations.

      Of course everyone will need passports,
      transAtlantic or Pacific plane tickets.
      And Americans will have to be allowed in.

      If you go to Tokyo you can suggest people take a personal (family?) trip to Kyoto, and if Disneyland Paris, Paris.
      Disney fans will probably want 2 or 3 days at the Tokyo Disney Parks, but in Paris (since you're near Paris)
      I'd suggest one day at the one original Tokyo Disneyland park & skip the studios there.

      I imagine your group is pretty upscale, but I always have to put in a plug for one of my very favorite Disney hotels, the moderate (but still kind of expensive) Hotel Cheyenne, by Robert A.M. Stern's architecture company. They did the Wilderness & AK Lodges at Walt Disney World.
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        Yeah, better contact directly the place to make sure that you won’t have any inconveniences when getting there. I actually have never been to Tokyo, but it’s on my wish list for sure. I hope one day I will go there, but considering the pandemic situation now, I haven’t had the opportunity to even think about it. I moved to Singapore before the pandemic and didn’t travel anywhere since then. I remember that actually the last strangers that I saw where the house movers and packers when they helped me settle in. Since then, I have only seen my family, because I think we should really put safety before anything else.
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          Indeed, safety first. Mentioning it, have a safe trip and do weak mask and practice social distancing. As to your concern, I haven't experience it yet but, always be prepared with a back up plan.


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