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What happened to Prometeo from Tokyo DisneySea’s BraviSEAmo? [theories]


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  • What happened to Prometeo from Tokyo DisneySea’s BraviSEAmo? [theories]

    I have no idea, but I do have three theories:

    Enclosure theory - The Prometeo structure is still in a storage area, with pyrotechnic and flamethrower elements either removed or not in use.

    Reincarnation theory - Prometeo has been repurposed into something else such as a dragon or other large, fiery structure.

    Extinction theory - The large structure of Prometeo has been dismantled completely and is no longer in use.

    As a fan of BraviSEAmo in 2021, and not having seen the show live, I could only hope that the Enclosure theory is correct. I’d love to see Prometeo rise from the ashes. He is a phoenix, after all.

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    I've got no news either. Though, I believe they fall under your Reincarnation Theory. Most are into restructuring nowadays.


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      I agree with DairyShcam . With the on going renovations than can be seen around, there's a big possibility that Prometeo has been repurposed into something else.


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        Ever since this fantastic bird’s extinction 10 years ago, I’ve been interested in the whereabouts of such a massive and impressive structure.

        I’ve stayed in the United States for my entire lifetime and I have never heard of “BraviSEAmo!“ until June of 2021. Though beautiful, it wasn’t Bellisea, the 33-foot tall fountain on a boat, that had caught my attention the most. It was Prometeo, the 46-foot tall, six-winged phoenix that had. Ever since, I’ve been diving into the mysteries of this spectacular beast, and I have been heartbroken to know the news about its extinction. Recently, I’ve made a small group called the “Spicy Berd Society” [I humorously call Prometeo “spicy berd”] to remember and solve the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of the brilliant bird. For now, I would call him “extinct in the wild” due to the possibility of Prometeo still out there somewhere.

        If the Reincarnation Theory is true, then I believe what would be going through the mind of Prometeo would be, “I don’t want to be a dragon anymore.” I could only imagine what it would be like seeing this fantastic beast up close in the Mediterranian Harbor, feeling the heat from the plumes of fire and seeing the impressive pyrotechnic displays. And, of course, we can’t forget the feeling when Prometeo’s glowing eyes pierce through your soul as he stares at you. This has happened only in my dreams.

        Solving the mystery of Prometeo’s disappearance and his whereabouts today is such an ambition of mine that he appears in my dreams occasionally. It may seem odd, but to someone who wants to know if Prometeo is still alive or not, if Prometeo is extinct or critically endangered, it’s not unusual seeing this firebird in my dreams. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to seeing this towering beast up close!
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