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planning a Tokyo Disneyland trip for 2010 need advise!


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  • planning a Tokyo Disneyland trip for 2010 need advise!

    I have had a fairly rough year this year, just because of specific events in my life and I am starting to make plans in my life that will hopefully change things in my life for the better. I just did a WDW trip with my mother a few weeks ago over my 24th birthday and it really helped mend my broken heart from all the troubles I have been having. And now I want to start planning something BIG for myself, I want to try and aim for doing a Tokyo Disneyland trip in 2010 a little after I plan on graduating from college I want to do it after I get college taken care of cuz to be honest I am not the greatest of students and I have been working very hard at school for several years and I want to have something really fun to do after I get it over and done with to celebrate my achievements. And since I have been wanting to travel to Japan for years now...I figure doing a trip to Japan that would include TDLR would be just a great idea. But I know very little about the park and things to do there or what kind of pricing things go at.
    If you all can supply me with information and possibly reading material that could help me better plan this trip it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and I will keep you all updated as to how the trip progresses over the few years I plan to save up for it and planning it.
    (basicly just looking for general information on the parks so anything at all you can tell me about would be super helpful thanks!)

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    Re: planning a Tokyo Disneyland trip for 2010 need advise!

    I guess the first thing to learn is this: the official resort's name is Tokyo Disney Resort (that's TDR for short) and not Tokyo Disneyland Resort, or TDLR.
    We have been talking about planning for TDR lately in other threads recently as other recent TDR visitors had requested info and tips in the past couple of months. You can take a look at some of the other threads posted on this and learn quite a lot about how to do TDR. Or else, we can help you if you have more specific questions about the resort. For basic info on TDR, just visit and whatever other questions you may have afterwards, we'll be happy to further explain for you.


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