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Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 & 4/15-16/2008


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  • Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 & 4/15-16/2008

    So around three years ago I first visisted Japan as an exchange student.
    During my stay, I was able to visit Tokyo Disneyland for a day or well at least for a few hours...Nevertheless within those few hours I fell in love with the park & was sad that my time there was so short.

    Since I visited with other students who really didn't have interest in Disney as much as I did, they only wanted to go on rides...and sadly enough not even the rides that were unique to Tokyo Disney.

    Thus I did not get to experience attractions such as Pooh's Hunny Hunt nor the Mickey Mouse Revue, and at that time the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour which closed sometime I kind of regret that.... a lot, hahaha.

    Another thing I regretted was not watching the parade...Dreams on Parade, I'm not sure if it was the Moving On version, but I believe it was the still the original 20th Anniversary version since there was a show stop with a lot of bubbles...sadly I saw this while I was in line for Big THunder Mountain at the I was a dumb little boy back then....

    So after watching youtube video upon youtube video, I fell in love with Dreams on Parade: Moving On! and after that I knew I had to go back eventually I heard the rumors of a new parade for the 25th anniversary and the end of Moving On! at the time I was sad because I never got to fully experience such a wonderful parade....

    but after much saving and work at the Disney Store, I raised enough funds to send me to my true loves of Japan and Tokyo Disney, just in time to catch the final performance of Dreams on Parade: Moving On! on April 7, 2008.

    Sorry for the long here I go....
    After a 14 hours flight from Los Angeles, I arrive at Narita Airport and after all the time it took me to get through customs and get a few bucks changed to yen for food, I had missed the final bus that could take me directly to my hotel...the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay...

    So I ended up waiting and buying a ticket for a different bus that apparently would stop near my hotel...

    To make a long story short...I end up getting lost with my suit case, until the driver of one of the Tokyo Disney Partner Hotel buses and on of the bell hops at one of the random hotels I ended up finding myself at helped me.

    The driver took me directly to tokyo Disney Sea and the monorail station, he was so helpful and it was nice because I had the entire bus to myself and my oversized suitcase...

    It was around 9 pm already and I was extremely jet lagggggged...and I was confused of my surroundings the resort seemed so different than my last visit and plus it was dark and then I'm dumb it all kind of added up.

    I took the monorail and got off at the Bay Side Station, which was only a 1.5 minute walk to my hotel. I could see the very brief firework show from there and afterwards I just decided to ride the free resort cruiser that each offical hotel has that provides rides to it's guests....

    I met with a good friend by surprise and after that headed to my room and fell asleep....for some reason I woke up at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep and luckily the Disney ticket counter inside the hotel opened at 6am...

    So I bought my ticket with no wait what at all and headed to Tokyo Disneyland...

    At the resort gateway station I was happy to already see decorations up for the 25th anniversary...

    I love the art work...some nice little eye candy...and made me even more excited for the week to come...

    Afterwards I had breakfast and explored Bon Voyage for awhile before finally heading to the park entrance I figured since it was a Monday there wouldn't be much of a crowd and there was still close to an hour and a half before the park would open...

    Of course I was very wrong and well this is pretty self-explanatory...

    Anyways I have a midterm in like 15 minutes...I'll add more after school and I still haven't even gotten to the 15th and 16th...I type to much, sorry...

    Have a nice day everyone.
    i've got no strings.

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

    Arrghh! I just just getting settled in for what seemed like a great TR and now it stops! Well, good luck on your midterm. I'll be waiting....
    I want my cake back!


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      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

      What a tease! We need much more! Thanks for the pictures and the report.


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        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

        Originally posted by a_shy_kid View Post
        Since I visited with other students who really didn't have interest in Disney as much as I did, they only wanted to go on rides...and sadly enough not even the rides that were unique to Tokyo Disney.

        Thus I did not get to experience attractions such as Pooh's Hunny Hunt nor the Mickey Mouse Revue, and at that time the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour which closed sometime I kind of regret that.... a lot, hahaha.
        This is very sad. Hunny Hunt is one of the best rides ever created by Disney. I think you should have ditched your so-called friends and gone on exploring by yourself.


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          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

          Great start to your trip report a_shy_kid lets see more
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            Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

            Okay, hi everybody...sorry about kind of running off there...anyways so....I was lucky enough to get a decent spot in line...

            Yay the banners were already up and ready as well and far in the distance you can barely make out the new figures of Mickey and the gang in their 25th attire that was still behind some walls...

            More 25th decorations (on the way to the park entrance)...

            a little before 9 am...everyone (most of who were sitting patiently on the floor) rose to their feet and started to go crazy...and when i get it up there were like a million Disney characters running around on the other side of the gates....well not a million but plenty and really got everyone excited including me. I felt like a little was fun especially since I've neer been to a Disney theme park this early so I had always wondered if anything special happened when the gates opened. I was a happy little boy.

            (Above: The day begins)

            So once the gates opened the visitors either ran like crazy into the rest of the park or ran around the main entrance area and attacked the characters...within 10 minutes the line was already closed to take pictures with Mickey and warned...hahaha.

            First picture of the day...but with me in it! Yay...haahaha...

            My all-time favorite!


            Tip #1: Be Aggresive.
            Hahahaha, the cast members who come along with all the characters are mainly there to advise those inside the suits when it's time for a break or to take a photo for you, but other than that they do not assist in forming an organized method or line to meet with a character it's kind hectic and sometimes the mobs get intense...I never had to fight so hard to take a photo. It was quite an experience and nevertheless the characters are so much more animated here, they run around so freely and are so energetic...Donald took me by the hand and we frolicked for awhile, hahahaha and Pinocchio was rather fun also...
            so remember be aggressive because if you'll be there me...hahaha.

            Nevertheless I'ma sucker for characters so and I was happy to see so many...
            the Three Little Pigs, Fairy Godmother, Max and Goofy, Donald, Friar Tuck and Prince John, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, Chip and Dale, Pinocchio, Geppetto, Gideon and Honest John, and of course Mickey and Minnie...

            Fairy Godmother.

            Friar Tuck!

            However the sky had been gray the entire morning and by 9:30 a light drizzle the characters all ran under the World Bazaar, which is so conveniently covered and prepared to not get Steven wet. Hahaha.

            I need to fix my keyboard...sorry I'll be back soon.
            Sorry this is taking so long.
            i've got no strings.


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              Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

              The fairy godmother is a little scary. But friar tuck! How cool is that?


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                Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                Here are bit more pictures of the walk from Bayside Station to the park entrance.

                These are close-ups of the art that hangs above the location where guests can buy their tickets for the resort line.

                Everyone looks nice in their 25th attire.

                Bon Voyage...a very convient store to go to with a majority of the more general merchandise sold at both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea...but be warned it doesn't carry everything, as in some of the more unique items sold at specific locations within the if you like it buy it right away wherever you're at and never let go...well unless you have no money.

                The store windows were already decorated as well...

                The walkway in all it's 25th glory.

                These are the similar statuettes found around the hub at Disneyland except...well here there outside the part lining the bridge connecting Bon Voyage to main entrance and also more characters like Tinkerbell, Daisy Duck, and even the god Dionysus from the original Fantasia, are given the honor.

                Also if you see behind the Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket statuette you can see a tiny part of the amazing new Tokyo Disneyland Hotel...opening July, 08, 2008.

                Okay I'm getting there everybody....sorry.
                I'll finish by the end of tonight...hahaha.
                i've got no strings.


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                  Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                  Okay so I'm going to just zip through this as fast as possible sorry for taking so I spent awhile in World Bazzar, searching for only real priority for the entire day was to watch Dream on Parade: Moving On! for the first and final time...and also to experience those unique Tokyo Disneyland attractions.

                  World Bazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzar from its behind...

                  It was still very cloudy and the sprinkles were on and off, nevertheless I trekked on but not without making a stop at the very beautiful Cinderella's Castle, which was already prepared as well for the big anniversary celebration.

                  It's simple and I know the entire castle isn't covered but I think it works well.
                  Here are some close-ups...

                  I got a few picture later that day as well as on the 15th...but it was starting to rain so I decided to head for some cover.

                  Nice little touches, hahaha.

                  So beautiful...I wish it wasn't cloudy that day...dang poop.
                  i've got no strings.


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                    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                    So after that I headed to the Mickey Mouse Revue...and was able to enjoy the first show of the day.

                    Here's are some of the paintings from the waiting room into the preshow room...hahaha.

                    Mickey through the years...

                    I took one picture during the show but my hands are very it came out blurry...hahahaha...lame...

                    I really enjoyed it...partially because it seemed so classic...the preshow video is so retro and so seventies except its dubbed in Japanese..hahaha.
                    The actual show is basic...just some of the most early Disney characters singing songs, but it was great...and plus I felt lucky to finally enjoy the attraction... many times I read of the early and old Disneyland attractions that were built and removed way before I was ever born...and most of the time, I wish I was alive to experience those rides, shows and attractions...and the Mickey Mouse Revue kind of allowed me go back in time for a bit...well kinda...I don't know...hahahaha.

                    So afterwards I was a smart little boy and got fastpasses for Pooh
                    s Hunny Hunt, which already had a 45 minute wait or was close to 10:30...
                    Anyways it the drizzle was still off and on, and earlier when I had entered the park I had noticed some people already waiting along the curb for the parade...oh my goodness crazy Japanese fans! Hahahaha, and by studying countless youtube videos, I had already had a set location from which to most enjoyably view the parade...pretty sad I know not gonna lie..but anyways I figured since I flew all the way from little West Covina, California just to watch this parade I best be smart and watch it from a decent spot...

                    Before that I decided to ride on something that most people don't even know about...

                    haahahaha...(and the second picture was taken later during the day...but I love the bright and nice!)

                    Sike! Well considering all the commotion I decided to finally go on it's a small had been a few years since I had last ridden the version in Anaheim and the line was only 5 minutes....annnnnnnnd I got my own private boat...
                    cheeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boiiiiiii!

                    Anyways the actual waiting and loading area is inside, whihc is a nice way to protect guests from rain and snow in the winter and early spring, as well as the heat from the summer. You go Tokyo Disney! Wooooooo.

                    All the walls have a giant mural of the entire world...which is of course in the lovely art style style of Ms. Mary Blair...

                    Here's an example...

                    I won't get into the ride as I know how passionate many of you fellow Mice Chatters are about its current more save the rain forest/small world within this thread...

                    but one last thing...

                    Spinning penguins!!
                    i've got no strings.


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                      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                      My first time visiting Japan was as an exchange student too but I listened to the others who said "why come all the way to Japan to go to Disney" and ended up not going that first time. Thank you for the great trip report and it's wondeful that you got to really enjoy your visit to TDR this time! The pictures with the characters are great! Not to mention the spinning penguins!!
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                        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                        i love the color of the Asia IASW's


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                          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                          Wow, great TR! You're providing shots that really give me more of an understanding of how the place works! Loving it. More please!

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                            Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                            So I explored Tokyo Disneyland afterwards and after I would walk through each land I would head back to the curb in front of the castle to check if the crowd waiting for the parade was getting larger...because honestly I really wanted to see Dreams on Parade but I also really wanted to explore the park since I'm not there as often as I would I attempted to accommodate such desires...

                            Best Fountain Ever Award:

                            I wouldn't trust these guys...hehe.

                            During my adventures I walked back to World Bazzar where many of the same characters as earlier and some fresher faces where out playing with was fun.

                            Uncle Scoorge...I miss you!

                            Forget about the's all about playing the plant...hahahaha...these characters are so great. I've never seen so many adults or teenagers line up to see characters before...hahahaha...everyone was suddenly 5 years old around these characters.

                            Oink! Oink!

                            Soon after I decided to visit some childhood friends and exiles...hahahaha....

                            I miss them...same and as fun as before...well some parts are in Japanese...hahaha.

                            Soon it was time to use my lovely fastpass for.....

                            hahahahaha...not gonna was pretty wonderful...

                            Such a peaceful wait in line...the foliage is bbbbbbbbbbbbbeautiful...
                            Honestly if you don't ride this ride and you visit Tokyo Disneyland...uhm, you're me it's so fun and I regret not riding it the first time I went to the park...I wish the Winnie the Pooh ride in Anaheim was like this.

                            After that I bought myself a popcorn bucket (there are so many flavors!!!!!!!!!...curry, soda, caramel, honey, name a few)
                            and then went to Hooke's Galle for some lunch...I got a slice of seafood pizza to eat while I waited for the parade...I tried it last's so gooooooooooooood. Yum.

                            So I waited in my spot for almost...well I wrote my story in an earlier thread about Dreams on Parade...but pretty much after waiting for nearly two hours and not to mention after waiting months to see the parade and flying 14 hours just to see it at least got canceled just a few minutes before show time because it decided to rain very hard just before 3 pm...lucky me...
                            I just sat on on the curb for about twenty minutes along with other people (many of which had been waiting on the curbside since 9 am)...I thought of it as a very sad protest by us fans...hahaha...I somehow hoped they would just change their minds...but its Disney...well I don't mean by that but yeah...even today I can't believe it I actually didn't see's sad....sad sauce.

                            So many people...guests and cast members alike were hysterically crying...many of them were wearing Dreams on Parade memorabilia of some kind...It made me happy to know I wasn't the only one depressed...haha.

                            Finally after playing the cancellation announcement for a third time most people just wasn't until this very sad and kind cast member came to tell me the parade was canceled...just in case I didn't understand...

                            So my day was kinda ruined after that... The closest I got to experiencing the parade were the announcements that played the parade theme music in the background for like 5 seconds...

                            I went to Main Street House to double check if the next day would show any hopes of a performance but the cast members told me today was the finale performance...

                            Disappointed I decided to shop to make myself happy...
                            So I went and bought the Dream Box DVD set and not tried to find the parade CD but of course they didn't have it...
                            After just wandering and shopping through the World Bazzar...I noticed a very huge crowd was forming a having nothing else to do I decided to wait with them...somehow everyone got the impression something was going to happen to make -up for the canceled parade...and we waited and the crowd grew...until cast members came and broke the mob up...

                            So then everyone herded into the many shops...and I joined them until suddenly I could here this beat...and within seconds...literally all the shops within the World Bazzar were was crazy...I almost got ran over by screaming Japanese was the marching was so amazing...people were cheering, clapping, crying as if these men were their saviors...they're so amazing...they cheered up many disappointed people....they played a few songs and each time they started a new tune I somehow hoped they would play their parts from the parade just to make us happy...of course the didn't but something about almost being killed made me not be so disappointed in my unique Disney experience...hahaha....After their performance ended I headed back to the castle...and thankfully it stopped raining....-_-

                            Some people still found ways to enjoy the day. ( I bought that same popcorn bucket sooooooo dooooooooope...hahahaha.)

                            A random fan....hahaha.

                            I headed back into Fantasy Land, where a lot more characters were...Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Peter Pan and Wendy, all the Princesses, Chip, Dale and Clarice, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and TweedleDee and TweedleDum, and Pinocchio and the rest of his pals, and there were more...It was nice...I think they were trying to make up for the cancellation of the parade so it was felt nice to see all their faces making everyone oh so happy...but lucky for me once I got there the rain began to pour again and all the characters had to leave...Poor Belle was all alone and being took the characters forever just to get backstage.....hahahaha.

                            Here are a few more castle shots...ewww, ugly ponchos.

                            I watched One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On in Tomorrowland...a great show that I recommend (many videos are on youtube)....and then after that I headed to Mickey's Toontown, which is so much bigger and nicer than the one in Anaheim and so much livelier with so much more activities to enjoy (also the characters have new and unique costumes just for this land, it's so creative and refreshing), for some dinner....

                            Oh rain please go away....

                            This is the coolest lunch box ever and the food was good too and I also bought the nice Mickey glove strap that come with it only around $16...I don't think it's that bad of a deal. There was also a Donald Duck version that had little duck feet at the bottom and another that was Stitch's head...all were pretty cool if you ask me.

                            Pretty much after I ate..I left I was too disappointed to do anything that was the end of my first day at the Tokyo Disney was around 5 pm...hahaha, so sad, so sad.

                            I would return in a little more than a week for one of the greatest birthday celebrations ever!
                            hahahaha...Sorry...I'm getting there guys...unfortunately I have some midterms this week...kinda important...just a little bit...but be ready for more posts....hahaha.

                            Take care.
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                              Re: Tokyo Disney Resort 4/07 &amp; 4/15-16/2008

                              Shy, I am happy for you to have taken the time to see the Mickey Mouse revue. This is a classic WDW attraction and what you saw (retro film preshow etc) is exactly what guests to WDW saw back in Oct 1971. It is long overdue for retirement but it's such an important part of the history of the WDW's MK, that i hope TDL keeps it for as long as possible.
                              And I see you had the bacon/pineapple pizza... Yum! It's a TDLFAN favorite snack at TDL.


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