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Travel question


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  • Travel question

    My Parents are visitng Japan for 2 weeks on an organised tour, at the end of the tour they finish in downtown tokyo. My parents have extended the trip by a couple of days to visit TDL. neither speak a word of japanese and are likely to have 2 large suitcases with them. what is the easiest way to get to TDL (the miracosta is where they will be staying). the tour includes transport to Narita so my suggestion was to get the transfer to narita and then het the airport limosuine back to disney as i found the bus a really easy way to get to the resort when i visited the other year, i never went on the trains and so i'm not sure how easy they are to use. can anyone offer any advice.

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    Re: Travel question

    Sorry I found this post a bit late and I hope my opinion helps...

    Just one question.. you said your parents' tour will end in downtown Tokyo. I assume that they will probably arrive in Tokyo via train, then are supposed to take the Airport Limosine to Narita Airport?

    Honestly... if that is the case, your parents are better off taking the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo station to TDR's Maihama Station. It's only an 18 mins trip and only costs about 200-some yen per person. Once they arrive at Maihama Station, they can check in for their stay at the Miracosta right next to Maihama Station at the TDR Welcome Center, where they will be given their room keys, and their luggage will be delivered to their room, eliminating the need for them to haul luggage all over the resort. From there, they are only a 10 minute trip away from the Miracosta via the TDR Line monorail.

    Keep in mind.. going from downtown Tokyo to Narita Airport takes about 1 hr in good traffic. Then by the time they have to wait to come back to TDR on the next available limouse bus, it can add another 90 mins or more to the travel time. Why waste so much time and money (limosine bus is like 2,600 yen per person from NRT to TDR!!) when for under 500 yen, you can got from Tokyo to TDR in less than 20 minutes??? See what I mean? By taking the Keiyo Line from Tokyo station to TDR, they will arrive at TDR a good 3 hours earlier than going out to the airport just to take the bus back. Not to mention, it saves then about $50 in travel fees as well.

    As for the language.. everything in Tokyo's train stations is posted in both english and japanese. It is very easy to navigate (even the Tokyo Station which is huge) if they only follow the signs. They will not get lost. Trust me on that.

    Finally, I would only recommend taking the limosine bus to the airport at the end of their visit to TDR. Of course.. they could also take the train from TDR to NRT Airport but it requires two train connections and about 90 mins travel time, which is not a good idea when you are carrying big bags around.

    Hope this helps... and feel free to ask if anything else comes up.
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      Re: Travel question

      Yeah it's important to figure out where exactly in 'downtown Tokyo' the tour ends up. I can 100% guarantee you that we know of an easy way to get to TDR from anywhere in downtown Tokyo via train. Trekking all the way out to Narita would mean a waste of at least 3 good hours, and about $50 roughly all things considered. Let us know the starting point, and we'll guide you from there!

      -- PMM

      "Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom." -- James 3:13


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        Re: Travel question


        I had travelled in trains, they are pretty well & quick too compare with other countries, even cost also cheaper too, I suggest to use trains rather than any other things for your travelling, even you can see lot of places while you are travelling in a train, it is very coooool

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          Re: Travel question

          Taking train is the best option in Tokyo because the routes are bit confusing. There is chance of getting lost so train is the best option according to me and it is safe also.
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