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Tokyo Bay Hilton?


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  • [Question] Tokyo Bay Hilton?

    Anyone stayed at the Tokyo bay hilton? How was it and how easy to get to the parks from there is it? Also can you recommend anything cheaper in the same area or that is close and easy to get to?

    Thank you

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    Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

    We didn't stay at the Hilton, but we saw where it was on the monorail. It is easy to get too. Monorail works great.

    Im not sure if the Sheraton is cheaper or not. That is where we stayed and we love it. Nice staff, dinning is pricey, but what isn't. The food was good. The room was a nice size, not small. I would stay there next time we go.
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      Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

      Stayed at the Tokyo Bay Hilton in Feb this year, the hotel was wonderful, my room had a view over Disneyland ( Space Mountain, Castle, Splash and Big Thunder Mountain could all been seen from the room )

      Very easy to get to the parks, use the monorail ( buy a multiday ticket and use it as often as you like )

      The food choices where good, loved the little bakery down in the main lobby.

      Staff where outstanding, friendly, helpful and nothing was too much of a problem.

      Check all the discount sites for room rates during the time you want to go, find the cheapest one, then ring Hilton International Worldwide reservations and ask if they can better the price.


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        Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

        It depends on when you plan to stay there. So far my few trips I found Sheraton has a better deal than Hilton, except for a time we travelled in November, where both hotels are expensive and we stayed at Sunroute. All TDR Official hotels are accessible by monorail.


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          Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

          I'm staying at this hotel for six nights starting Friday! I'll try to post a review after my stay.


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            Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

            We'll be at the Sheraton in November - when I booked it in July, it was cheaper than the Hilton, and pretty much the same in proximity to the parks....


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              Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

              I've been staying at the Hilton for 5 years now- I've never tried the Sheraton- From what I've heard, the Hilton is the best for non Japanese speaking guests- I don't know if that's true or not, but basically the entire staff speaks English. I believe most of the other hotels in the area are more geared to Japanese.

              Yes, the prices are high- but it is based on how you book it- If you go to and search for the Hilton at Tokyo Bay, the rates you pay depend on how you book them.

              For example- if you're staying several nights, starting on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday- you may pay as high as 40,000 yen or more per night for the entire stay- but if you break up your reservations into smaller increments- you can sometimes pay as low as 14,400 per night.

              If you're arriving during the week & not a weekend- you can sometimes get a much lower rate for your stay- but if it isn't- try booking the weekday nights separately than the weekend nights- you may pay 25000-40000 per night for a weekend, but only like 14400 per weekday.

              I always wind up with 2 or 3 reservations for a week's stay- but just make sure you book the same type of room- so you don't have to move every few days.

              Pre-paying will also save you more money- but once you do that- you can't make any changes or cancellations- you have to pay in full when you book the room.

              The 14400 rate is the lowest pre-paid rate I've found & the normal booking rate may be like 18000 or more.

              You have to play around with the site a little bit to get the best rates- I don't know if the other hotels on the Bay work the same way or not.

              The park views are ok- but you basically see most of the parking lot with Disneyland in the distance & Disney Sea is even further away- I enjoy the view of the bay & Tokyo- on clear days you can have incredible views of Mount Fuji- but clear days only occur like 80-90 days a year to get real good views of Mt Fuji.


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                Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

                I've recently returned from a Halloween trip to the resort and stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Bay.

                I had a room on the 6th floor with park view which was mostly parking lot with Space Mountain and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in the distance. The room itself was a bit dated but I did like the Japanese-style sliding window screens. I didn't eat at any of the restaurants but there is mini-market with reasonable prices on the lobby floor that is nice for a quick breakfast or a post-theme park snack (it was consistently busy every night).

                Disappointing was that there is an additional fee (~$30) for the use of the indoor pool which is attached to the spa and fitness center.

                Overall, it was a unremarkable stay but I was at the theme parks 90% of the time and can't complain about the convenience and price I paid, though next time I will splurge and will book at an official Disney Resort Hotel.
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                  Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

                  I've stayed at the Hilton many times. It's the nicest Hilton I've stayed in, and the staff is great. Bakery in the lobby, a one minute walk to the monorail, and LISTEN TO THE JEDI MASTER about booking your room! His advice saved me a grand last October.
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                    Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

                    I also stayed at the Tokyo Bay Hilton on one of my trips. VERY close to the Monorail stop. If you get a good rate, stay there.
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                      Re: Tokyo Bay Hilton?

                      I stayed at the Hilton last September for 5 nights and had a great time. Rooms are very large by Tokyo standards and getting to the parks is very easy as its only a 5 min walk or free bus ride to the Monorail station. During the weekend they also had a free shuttle to the JR station which is handly for visiting Disneyland or Inspari. When I booked it was the best price for a hotel in the resort but obviously these things change.

                      Our room had a great view of Tokyo Bay and the city lights across the water ( I think this is nicer than the Park views which are of the car park mainly). We had three single beds in the room with usual Japanese amenities and cute Japanese style sliding shutters rather than curtains which was nice. Only room gripe was teh beds which were very hard (but this is common to most hotels in Japan)

                      Staff were all freindly and spoke great English. We had no probs getting to the airport via the Limo bus. Didn't eat at the Hotel but used the bakery in the Lobby a few nights for snacks and it was good

                      A few extra tips - If you're comming from the JR station you can leave your bags at the Welcome centre next door and they will transport them to the Hilton for when you check in. When checking if you have a Hilton Honours card (their loyalty card) they have a dedicated check in which can save waiting in line at busy times.

                      Hope that helps and have a great time.


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