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3 kids in February: Help with planning?


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  • [Question] 3 kids in February: Help with planning?

    We are planning to take out second trip to Tokyo DL in February. The last time we went it was October and we did not have our (now) toddler. The boys remember massive crowds last October and are not eager to repeat that experience. The kids will be 11,9, and 2. All boys, so Princess info not necessary....

    1. Kids are out of school for CNY and crowds should be low, but husband says we will be miserable in the cold. Opinions? Is it warm in the attractions at least? I am dreaming of nice cafes with Hot Chocolate after multiple trips on Pooh. Am I dreaming??

    2. We are deciding between TDL Hotel and MiraCosta. Probably 5-6 nights. One better than the other? Or 3 nights in each? Dinner sounds nice at TDS in an italian restaurant, but it looks like the park closes quite early. How does that affect hotel guests?

    3. I don't find info about purchasing a room rate which includes park tickets. I would prefer this. Is it possible?

    4. Also there does not seem to be Breakfast included. Where is a good place for a light breakfast in the mornings? I don't want to pay Yen 3000 per person for a buffet each day.

    Thanks, Jennifer

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