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  • [Question] Opinions/suggestions sought...

    Hi ho again--

    So I think I've pulled together a trip for 11/6-11/17 (yay!) I am, however, woefully underplanned (boo!) Currently, I have reservations at the Hotel Universe 11/6-8, and then on points at the Sheraton Tokyo Bay for 11/8-13. I had tentatively considered trying to get to the Ghibli Museum on the 7th, and doing TDR 11/9-12. Then, things get a little vague.

    I had heard that Nikko, in addition to the temples/shrines, also has a couple of amusement/theme parks as well. Are they worthwhile? Do you need 2 days to do them? I was off-handedly thinking of going out to Nikko on the 13th, then staying for 2 nights there to see whatever's out there to see. The other alternative might be to go back to Hotel Universe for 11/13-16, and meander around Tokyo (is the Costco good? Does it have cheap Japanese stuff? Or just less-expensive Western stuff?) I contemplated trying to get to Universal Studios Japan, but it seems like a long trip for just a weekend.

    I have enough Hilton points to stay 2 nights so I'd then move to either the Hilton Tokyo Bay or Conrad Hilton for the last 2 nights. Tokyo Bay would be more convenient if I decided I needed to go back to TDR on 11/16, however I think Conrad Hilton is supposed to be nicer.

    Thanks for any input! Woo! TDR!

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