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    After reading the post here about Smile Hotel TOKYO-NIHONBASHI, I have decided to book there for my January trip. On their web site they have all these type of rooms, can anyone tell me what the differents are?
    They are the same price:
    -Business Trip Plan / SINGLE ROOM LOWER FLOOR

    All I can is a place to stay that's close to the subway station and perfer a non-smoking room.


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    Re: Smile Hotel TOKYO-NIHONBASHI

    I would change your reservation to the Villa Fontaine Hatchobori, which is about two blocks away, nearly as close to the Kayabacho subway station, and is much newer and cleaner.

    Even though you request a non-smoking room at the Smile (aka Universe) Hotel, your room will often stink from either previous guests or the rooms next door. At the Villa Fontain Hatchobori, the non-smoking floors are really non-smoking and the rooms smell fresh. Also, each room has its own independent airconditioning/heating system and this makes it much more comfortable.

    The only two types of rooms I've ever seen at the Smile Hotel (and this is after staying there for 25 years until I switched to the Villa Fontaine last year) are single rooms and twin rooms--that is, a room with one narrow bed, or a room with two narrow beds.

    The price difference for a single room between the two hotels is minor, and I really would switch if I were you. You'll thank me later!
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      Re: Smile Hotel TOKYO-NIHONBASHI

      Thanks Fukai:bow:, I took your advice and booked Villa Fontaine Hatchobori, now it is strange they don't need my credit card information to reserve the room. I got an email to tell me to confirm the reservation, but there is nothing on it I can click or reply to "confirm" it. Is it the way they do it there? Am I all set and just pay it there? I don't even know if they take credit card or I have to pay by cash. :yea:

      Oh can someone tell me how to get to Villa Fontaine Hatchobori from the airport (NARITA)? and more important, how do I get to Disneyland resort from the hotel?
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        Re: Smile Hotel TOKYO-NIHONBASHI

        Fukai, can you tell me the best way to get toVilla Fontaine Hatchobori from NARITA International Airport? and to Disneyland resort from the hotel? Thanks.