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Tokyo Day trips

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  • Tokyo Day trips

    Hi first visit to Japan having been reading lots of very useful info this has of resulted in our time at Tokyo disney going from 2 or 3 days to four and time from may to june
    just a question is there any day tours from the disney hotels visiting Tokyo or other places.
    thank you for any help.
    another question has anyone been to the character meals thanks

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    Re: Tokyo Day trips

    Others can probably answer your question better than I can, but I don't believe there are any day tours leaving from Disney hotels. In June, we booked a tour to Mt. Fuji at the concierge desk at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. We took the train from TDR to meet the tour at Tokyo Station. From there, the tour company took us on a bus to Hamamatsucho station to meet the tour group.


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      Re: Tokyo Day trips

      hi thank you . sanstress
      that is good to know as we will now stay around disney and possible get a hotel in tokyo for a couple of days as well


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        Re: Tokyo Day trips

        Tokyo is huge. I highly recommend, while very touristy, a bus tour with stops throughout the city. It's a great way to see it all and then you can go back and visit those places you want to. It's very easy to get around Tokyo, and to get from TDR into Tokyo proper. And from there you can go just about anywhere. Nikko is a nice day trip, Osaka (the aquarium and Universal Studios) is a packed two day trip, you can even go to Hiroshima for one really long day if you're a trooper. I generally plan a five or six day trip and do 3.5 to 4 days in the Parks and then the rest exploring Tokyo--there's so much to see and just observe. The bus ride to Mt Fuji was okay, best part was stopping at a reststop and taking pictures of the unclouded mountain top. And then we went to (I can't remember what station-maybe 5?) the mountain and played around and then went to some other place. I'd skip it, unless you really want a picture with you and Mt Fuji in the background. Just some thoughts. Maybe catch a Kabuki show...and sumi wrestling if you decide to go during the tournaments.


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          Re: Tokyo Day trips

          thank you so much guynyc.
          we have a week in toyko which gives us 4 days disney and 3 days in tokyo itself.
          is it best to stay at ginza we were looking at the pennisula hotel in.ginza. as we had read it was close to shopping.
          thank you about tip to Nikko as we were wondering whether to do this or not.
          we are doing a shore excursion to mt fuji while we are on a cruise(which is part of the same trip) but would love to visit Universal studios