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Best times of year to visit??

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  • Best times of year to visit??

    Hi all! I had hoped to get to Tokyo last January, but work problems got in the way. Now we are trying to plan a trip -- it is somewhat open as to when we could go, and I thought I'd check to see if people have recommendations. We know that Tokyo Disneyland Resort is *always* busy and know to get to the parks well before opening--but is there a best time of year? A time of year to avoid?

    If I were going to Walt Disney World, for example, I would plan for late September, early November, or mid-January to avoid the crowds (and the November time is great because few attractions are under renovation then). I usually use the Park Hours in the U.S. to determine less busy times too, but looking at the Tokyo times--they seem pretty consistent all year round.

    thanks in advance!


    p.s. Wish us luck--we are in the process of adopting. This may be our last big trip before a baby is in the house.

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    Re: Best times of year to visit??

    This completely depends on what you want to do. For example, if Christmas decorations are important, then Nov-Dec. etc. Also there are ride closures to consider during non-Summer months.

    For me, my favorite time to visit Japan (irregardless of DLR) is Spring (like from March till May) avoiding school holidays. By March, the weather is reasonably nice and it's not the rainy season yet. (but it does rain w-a-y more & often than California). My absolute best time at any Disney park is a day w/ light rain in warm (not hot) weather. Lines are really short and all the rides are up. A couple of years ago, went to TDS in off&on rain in the summer, mid-week and rode everything in 1/2 a day including JttCoTE twice!


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      Re: Best times of year to visit??

      Thanks for the response! Honestly, I don't have a strong preference in terms of seeing decorations at a particular time of year--but I do want to be able to maximize my experience of attractions. Thus I want to go when there is that magic balance of few attractions being down for refurbishmentyet crowds not being large. I know there will never be a perfect time, but not sure, for example, if summers are like they are in the U.S.A. (being more busy than the rest of the year other than holiday times).thanks!


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        Re: Best times of year to visit??

        I think you should take a look at the Tokyo Disney Crowd Calendar:

        Every week could be different. It is hard to make sweeping generalizations regarding crowd size. At WDW, I can tell you the week after the week of President's Day (around March 1,2) is deserted. But the vacation week before is crowded, and afterward you get into Spring Break period.