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Park Touring Plans


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  • [Question] Park Touring Plans

    I am going to Tokyo Disney for the first time in late August. I know that it will be very crowded that time of year and I am hoping to find a touring plan for each of the parks. I have used the "Unofficial Guide" touring plans in both WDW and Disneyland and I have found them to be an incredible help in navigating the parks, particularly when they are very busy.

    If anyone is able to point me to a touring plan to one or both of the Tokyo parks, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Park Touring Plans

    I've not heard of a similar site for Tokyo.

    Here are two tips you will not find in any touring plan:

    Go on Pooh's Hunny Hunt twice. Get a fast pass, ride immediately, then ride again. It's worth it. If you never ride on Monsters, Inc, you haven't missed much.

    On JTTCOTE, also ride twice, Once in the evening if you can. It's better in the evening, even though almost all the ride is underground. Also, ask for the front row. Each car has three rows, and the front row is much better.

    Also, they have launched a new program for Aquatopia, and you get more wet - summer only. This ride uses the same technology as PHH, but you can view the whole ride without going on, which spoiuls the fun for some people (but not me). No FP, so I recommend going early if you can stand getting wet, which will probably be highly enjoyable in the summer. I plan on going twice when I get there.


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      Re: Park Touring Plans

      What are you interested in doing at the parks?
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        Re: Park Touring Plans

        Thank you for your reply. I will put it in my plan.

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        As many of the teenage/adult rides as possible. I am going with two teenagers who have been to both WDW (multiple times) and Disneyland, so if I have to prioritize, I would want to be able to do all the rides at TDR that are not at either of the U.S. parks.


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