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Mt. Fuji Day Trip/Probable Other Last Minute Questions

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  • [Question] Mt. Fuji Day Trip/Probable Other Last Minute Questions

    Hey folks,
    The clock is ticking away towards my trip to Tokyo on May 5th! I'm still figuring out the non-Disney days.
    My friend and I are planning on purchasing the 3-day JR Kanto pass to cover our travel expenses from TDR, (we're staying at the Hilton) and heading to the Fujikawaguchiko area for a day. Unfortunately, because Kawaguchiko Station is almost 3 hours away one way and everything will have to coordinate with the various bus schedules, we're only going to be able to hit two major area sights. Here is where I'm hitting some roadblocks.

    The first, which is really a must, is the Fuji Shibazakura Moss Festival, which looks completely stunning. The other is a trip/hike to the Fifth Station.

    Here's my main question for those of you familiar with the area: Is it really possible that the final Fujisan shuttle bus from the Fifth Station back to Kawaguchiko station is only at 3:30PM? Because of the departure times of the buses from all 3 locations, I am finding it impossible to be able to make it to both attractions on the same day without making one of the visits incredibly short. I was basing my travels off the bus schedules HERE (for the Fujisan) and HERE (for the festival).

    Does anyone know any sort of alternative option we could do so that we could see both these locations in the same day?

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    Re: Mt. Fuji Day Trip/Probable Other Last Minute Questions

    Hi! Are you dead set on seeing Fuji? If you only have one day to make a day trip there are many other options that I enjoyed way more in my time in Japan. It's also a risk cause if it's cloudy then you're day seeing Fuji is kinda messed up. The drive up to the fifth station can be gorgeous, but once you're there, unless you are gonna hike the mountain in the summer, there's not a whole lot to do at the fifth station. I would suggest Nikko for a day trip or just seeing the sights of Tokyo especially Asakusa and Meiji-Jingu Shrine.


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      Re: Mt. Fuji Day Trip/Probable Other Last Minute Questions

      Well I WAS dead set on doing some sort of hike on the mountain, but I've made a decision to skip doing anything ON Mt. Fuji. Instead, the day will include the Fuji Shibazakura Festival, the healing village in Saiko and some other sights in the Lake Kawaguchiko area.

      I actually have been planning a day trip to Nikko and will have two days of sightseeing in Tokyo, in addition to our four days at Disney. Thanks for your advice!