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How to make TDR Reservations


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  • [Question] How to make TDR Reservations

    Hi Guys,

    What is the process to make dining reservations for the TDR? The website doesn't really explain it that well.
    Jeff Wayne

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    Re: How to make TDR Reservations

    In advance you only can use a Japanese Site for making a reservation, starting at this link:


    Normal Restaurants:

    The slots are open 30 days in advance and start exactly at 9am in the morning Japanese Time.


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      Re: How to make TDR Reservations

      Along with the links that slapshot provided above. For some of the table service restaurants (I've done it for Magellan's and Blue Bayou) you can make a reservation the same day in the park. Just go to the restaurant and ask to make a reservation. This is only if they have slots open. Depending on how busy it is you may be able to select your preferred time, or they will try to give you the time closest to what you'd like.
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