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DisneySea MiraCosta Hotel Reservations


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  • [Question] DisneySea MiraCosta Hotel Reservations

    Hello Fellow Disney Fans,

    My husband and I will be traveling to Japan in November and hope to stay 3 nights at DisneySea's MiraCosta hotel.

    I am worried about not getting a room because I know you can only book 6 months in advance.

    Can anyone tell me if it is better to try and make the reservation over the phone ? Or does online work just as well ?

    This is a once in a lifetime trip for us that we have been looking forward to for a long time so any suggestions/tips will be
    greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    Re: DisneySea MiraCosta Hotel Reservations

    November seems to be a less busy time. 2012 we went the week just prior to Christmas and I was able to get MiraCosta reservations. 2013 we went the very week of Christmas and despite trying and trying and trying, no bueno. So, I say you have a better chance considering your timeframe. In addition, I would probably try calling first and I would mark your calendar the very day that it turns 6 months out from when you can book and call then. However, even if you don't get reservations right away, keep trying, keep trying, keep trying. With the Disney hotels, you can cancel up to 2 weeks out without penalty, so you will see some availability as it gets closer to your dates. And, you can also have overlapping reservations just to be safe. In 2012, as I was securing reservations at MiraCosta (my dates were Sunday night through Wednesday night and the 4 nights weren't available right away, so I booked 2 nights to begin with and was able to eventually add additional nights as they opened up), I had a Plan B which was reservations at the Disneyland Hotel just in case I couldn't get all my nights at MiraCosta.


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      Re: DisneySea MiraCosta Hotel Reservations

      Hi LizCatMom;

      Thanks so much for your excellent suggestions. We are planning on staying Tuesday thru Friday nights because I was hoping those days would not be very busy.

      I will indeed mark my calendar and call that six months out.

      Have a magical day !


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        Re: DisneySea MiraCosta Hotel Reservations

        I'm going in May and wanted 6 nights at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. I booked 5 online because that is all it will allow you to do. I had to call them to try and book the 6th night. I know this is an odd way of going about it but the person on the phone told me I had to book the 6th night by itself, then give her my confirmation number for that night so she could tie my 2 reservations together and I won't have to check out and check back in again.

        I have no idea why she just couldn't make the reservation for 6 nights but she said it had to be done online and all she could do was walk me through the website as I did it.

        I hope that helps with the question of online or phone. (go online)
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