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  • [Question] Hilton Tokyo Bay questions

    I've purchased airfare, so now have to secure the hotel for Disney. Dates are Oct 27 - 31. I have a cancellable room reserved at the Hilton, but with taxes it is $300 a night. Ouch. No extras. Not happy with that price at all for a regular old room.

    Right now expedia has a prepaid for $223, plus taxes, which takes it to about 267 a night -- that includes internet and breakfast. This still doesn't seem like a great deal to me, but at least it includes some extras and is one of the Celebrio rooms with the fridge.

    So, my questions are: 1. will we have time to eat the breakfast? The park opens at 8am and we'd want to be at the gate prior to opening. Does anyone know if breakfast opens prior to 7am? Can we quickly grab food and eat and go? I don't want anything that is time consuming.
    2. Since I'm still 3+ months out, should I keep waiting for a better pre-paid option? I really hate booking them because then you're locked in, but for a good rate I'll jump on it. The sheraton is already sold out for one of the nights, so I fear it may be a busy time and my options will dry up. I'll keep watching the Sheraton -- they did have a slightly better prepaid rate, before it was sold out.
    3. park view or ocean view? I'm tempted by the ocean view, thinking it will be nice to see the bay and maybe see Mt. Fuji? Not that we'll spend more than a few minutes in our room -- it's really just for sleeping.

    I'm pretty much set on staying "on property" and not moving further away, but really not wanting to spend to stay in the official disney hotels -- just too pricey.

    Thanks for any advice! I'll be spending time in Tokyo before and after our Disney portion so I have a lot of planning to do.

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    Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay questions

    I guess no one knows! I did read the breakfast is early enough to get to the park gates. After looking at rates prior to my dates and past my dates and seeing how high they can be for this hotel, I went ahead and booked. Not the best rate IMO, but I'm saving hundreds of dollars over staying at a Disney hotel and I get breakfast.

    Now time to work on the Tokyo leg of our trip....


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      Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay questions

      I havent had a chance to stay at Hilton because whenever I check i price, it is like $500-600 a night! I ate breakfast at Sheraton, Hilton and Miracosta at 6a.m. when the park opens at 8 and 7 when the parks open at 9.

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        Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay questions

        I completely recommend the Bay View room. While you can technically see both parks from the "Park View" rooms, they are beyond a parking lot. On the other hand, in a Bay View room, you can wake up every morning to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo Bay. Even on days with fog, you'd be able to see Mount Fuji. The view is incredible, especially if it's your first time in Japan!


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          Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay questions

          I always stay in the Ocean view rooms. Very peaceful. As noted, the park view rooms really overlook the parking lot.
          You used to be able to get rooms at the Hilton for much less just a few years ago, but they've really raised the prices by over $100 a night. Still, it's far less than the $500 a night at the three Disney hotels.

          You might be interested to know that people who live in Japan can book at the Hilton for about $100 a night via a third party site, but you must have a Japanese address and proof of Japanese residence in order to check in.
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