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Using a Limousine taxi service.


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  • Using a Limousine taxi service.

    I had planned to get the 1st first Airport Limousine bus to Narita but my flight is at 11am so I don't think I would make it there in time if I got the bus at 7am.

    I'm now looking for at Taxi services, I don't mind paying a high price for this as I'm not getting the train, too much hassle.

    I have emailed two companies for a quote, but can anyone recommend a reliable Taxi service? I've emailed Tokyo-Taxi and Has anyone ever used these?

    My worst fear is that the car never arrives to pick me up and I miss my flight.

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    Re: Using a Limousine taxi service.

    You didn't mention which hotel you were staying at. I have stayed at the Hilton at Tokyo Bay for 10 years now and have always taken the Airport bus 4 hours before the flight & have never has a problem- it takes roughly an hour to get to the airport. I usually take the 1:09 bus and my flight is usually around 5pm- I'm usually there 2 1/3 to 3 hours before the flight.

    But if you don't feel comfortable, I assume the Taxi service should be fine- One thing about transportation in Japan- they are very reliable and punctual, they pride themselves in following schedules and being on time.

    I haven't tried a taxi service before, but I know whenever I stay at the Hilton, there is always a taxi parked right outside the hotel entrance- I'm sure that may be the case at most of the hotels in the area.


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