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FIRST TIME TO JAPAN,Proposing my boyfriend in Tokyo Disneyland.Need help.


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  • FIRST TIME TO JAPAN,Proposing my boyfriend in Tokyo Disneyland.Need help.

    Hello there,,

    My name is Nadzirah and i'm from Malaysia.My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Japan along with our close friends in January 2017.So I think this is the best opportunity for me to propose to him since this will be my first experience on a plane and traveling abroad.I want to make it special for both of us.I've known my boyfriend for 3years now and I remembered he once mentioned to me that he had this crazy idea of a girl proposing him in a romantic way.I want to make it happen for him.So can i make it happen in a memorable ways in Disneyland?Is there any special occasion for this kind request before?Or if no,can u guys share opinions and ideas?Thank you very much.

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    is there anyone that can help?


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      Is there anything in particular that your boyfriend loves or thinks is romantic? For instance, to a lot of people, being proposed to after fireworks, in a crowd of people, or otherwise having a lot of attention drawn to them, might be romantic. Or a lot of people love the idea of being proposed to in a fancy restaurant. (I understand Magellan's in Tokyo DisneySea is the most romantic/amazing, if you like that sort of thing...I've never been, but if you do that route, I suggest you ask for a reservation in the wine cellar. )

      I am a girl but if it were me, I'd much rather be asked in a much more private place/experience, like in a non-prime area watching fireworks, or on the Mark Twain or the S.S. Columbia in DisneySea, etc. Maybe anywhere near closing time, when even on a busy day, the park should be emptying out. Or even privately on a ride, like in the back row of one of the boat rides (careful with the ring!). I don't know if you could get a private sub on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in DisneySea (we happened to go when it was insanely uncrowded and always got our own sub) but if you could, that might work.

      Or maybe you could be playing around in the Fortress Explorations in DisneySea (which really make you feel like a kid again, like magic!) and then to be proposed to in one of the little rooms where I least expected it...that would be really special!

      Anyway, I'm a terrible person to ask, but those are my thoughts. I hope you have an amazing time! I had never flown internationally either but it all went well and I had a wonderful trip!
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        I proposed to my then boyfriend, now husband, at Tokyo Disneyland by Snow White's Grotto and the wishing well just before closing on a not so crowded December evening. We met working for Tokyo Disney 12 years ago and it felt right to propose where it all began. Oh, and he said yes! Good luck!!


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