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WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08


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  • Trip Report WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

    Another wonderful year at Gay Days and it was more fun and more "red" than ever before. I opened and closed the park, which is something I haven't done in a VERY long time. I'm sore and tired but I wouldn't have traded the day for anything in the world.

    Should you wish to see all the photos I took yesterday, please visit HERE.

    I arrived and decided to catch the ferry boat, as I was walking in I saw this written on the ground in chalk.

    If you can't read it, it says, "Every day should start with a rainbow." I thought that was a nice subtle touch by Disney to recognize the event.

    They had all three ferrys running, which was a first for me and we quickly boarded for the trip over.

    I took this photo for Karla and anyone who has never been here. It showcases how far away the MK is from the TTC. (It's over a mile.)

    You could hear the morning song greeting people as we pulled in, notice the characters lined up in the train station?

    I was surprised as it wasn't busy at ALL, dwindling economy maybe? Who knows but I wasn't one to not appreciate the lack of people.

    First thing I did was try something I never had before, I noticed the double decker bus was taking passengers. The upper section was full but I figured why not and hoped in downstairs.

    What I thought was FABULOUS was the bus driver interacted with the street characters, keeping with the theme of Main Street. Cracking jokes and having fun, I really loved it.

    We did have a bit of a hiccup while going down the street, but I looked over and saw this, I couldn't NOT snap a photo of it.

    Tight squeeze!

    Since pirates was closed, I decided to start my day in Liberty Square. OMG, there's NOBODY first thing in the morning, it's great!

    So if there's no one here to put me in the stocks, does that mean I have to go?

    *looks for tumbleweeds*

    Mansion was open, with no waiting.

    Next I headed over to Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan; Snow White; and Winnie the Pooh, maximum wait time? 5 minutes. LOVE IT!

    While there I found out the most disturbing news...

    Figaro fries have been downgraded to only fries, bacon and cheese

    But I did speak to a CM who said that if you request it, they will put the old toppings on for you. So all is not lost!

    Even Pinocchio is sayings, "But you can eat cake!"

    I had about another hour to kill before the meet so I headed over to Tomorrowland and rode the TTA. Luck would have it that Space Mountain had their lights on. :evil:

    To not ruin the magic for those that don't want to see, I will leave a link to the photos here, just don't click it to avoid any spoilers.

    Buzz time!!

    I'll get you Zurg!

    It was then I got a phone call, the caller ID said it was a CA number, I figured I better answer it. It was Rixter telling me they were just getting on the boat at the WL and might be a few minutes late. No worries!

    I did what I always do, took pictures. :P

    I never really understood the purpose of this topiary, it's not really themed for anything. Does anyone know? LOL

    Then everyone showed up and the party started!

    Sexy Men Alert!

    Mickeymaxx and Rixter

    Dustysage; Witches of Morva and Rixter

    Dustysage and Fishbulb

    WDWLakelandFL and friend.

    Norm grabbed this random blonde for the photo, she had a shirt on that said, "Got Milf?" Classic! :lol:

    Front Row: Nbodyhome; Dennis-in-CT
    Second Row: Dustysage; Mickeymaxx; Monorail Man; Gilbert(forgot the screenname); Rixter; jeffrey-in-orlando(<-that's close but not exact)
    Third Row: Tiger (He has a number in there somewhere); TDLFan; Gfan; WDWLakelandFL; WDWLakelandFL's friend; guy in yellow is friends with Jeffrey from Orlando; Blonde girl is some random chick that Norm grabbed for the photo; WitchesofMorva; DoomBGI; Mikeland

    This is their attempt at being Goofy. LOL

    Next we headed over to the Harbor House for lunch, where Todd had a spot reserved with our name on it. No, not really but it was a great out of the way place with fabulous AC.

    Mickeymaxx and Rixter

    Left: XharryB (Back); Gilbert (Front)
    Right: Mikeland (back); Gfan (Middle); TDLFan (Front)

    Left: Dustysage (Back); WDWLakelandFL's friend (Front)
    Right: WDWLakelandFL (Back); Witches of Morva (Front)

    Everybody say awwwwwww..

    Mickeymaxx; Dustysage and Rixter

    Since we were right there, we hit Mansion next.

    Then TDLfan and his honey showed off their beautiful rings. Congratulations you two!

    TDLFan and Gfan's rings.

    After grabbing some FPs we decided to grab the train over to Toontown for Fantasyland, this would soon become the idea of the day. We did a lot of cross park walking. LOL

    Gilbert and Xharryb

    With a brief stop off to see Mickey's Philharmagic, the group met up in front of the castle for the parade. Apparently Dusty and Fishy have met the same group of people every year in the same place. It was a great spot but soooooo hot. LOL

    The sea of red...

    There was a lot of fun to be had on Main Street, the CM's were really getting people into it. Here they are doing the Macarena.

    What time is the 3'clock parade?

    Left to right: Mikeland; 007?; Fishbulb; ? Not sure whose behind Fishy.

    There was "Cher!" and "Madonna" shouting match going on, everyone was cheering and laughing and having such a good time.

    Then it was Parade time!

    Yay Mickey!!

    There was also a lot of shouting for the princes as they came out. I think Aladdin actually got the biggest one of all, I can see why.

    Then the villains float arrived to much cheering, was probably done by the same groups that were shouting, "Princess" , "Queen" back and forth earlier.

    The fairy godmother loves you too..

    After the parade we sought refuge from the heat in the Hall of Presidents, apparently everyone else had the same idea. It was also the first time I had ever heard the hissing and booing for certain presidents.

    Doesn't Abe look like he has Hershey kiss hair? LOL

    Then we went on Big Thunder and almost got the train to ourselves.

    Then we got back on the train, again, and headed back to Toontown, this time our destination was Tomorrowland.

    Rixter; Mickeymaxx and Monorail Man

    First stop? The TTA, for all your travel needs...

    Mickeymaxx and Rixter's heads and WDWLakelandFL and friend.

    Witches of Morva and Monorail Man


    Time for our reservations at Tony's! I have to say after hearing so many negative things about this location, I was pleasantly surprised. The food was FABULOUS, the waiter was HOT and the theming was GREAT!

    Seems Dusty and Monorail Man had a little disagreement before dinner...

    I told our waiter he was hot and asked if I could take his photo.

    For your viewing pleasure. :evil:

    Great company..

    Doombgi and Monorail Man

    This dessert was so good! It was a mocha cheesecake and I don't like coffee but this tasted OH so GOOD!

    Pretty Lady and the Tramp fountain in the middle of the restaurant.

    After dinner we had a wonderful time on Splash Mountain, we got caught in a bit of a log jam near the end so to pass the time we sang the theme song to "El Rio Del Tiempo"

    Can't stop singing it in your head now can you? MUHAHAHAH

    We all wanted to watch the fireworks so we headed over and took a chance in the rose garden, I have to say it was such a great view. The fireworks are directly behind the castle but you don't feel like your crawling over people so you can just enjoy the show.

    My spot!

    Fishbulb; Monorail Man and Witches of Morva

    With one last ride on Space Mountain, we all said our goodbyes and all headed home. It was so nice to spend time with everyone, I had such a great time and I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. It was great meeting some people for the first time (XHarryb; mikeland; dennis-in-ct etc..) and being silly with some old friends. (The Jungle Cruise high 5's anyone?)

    Thanks for another great day with "family" and friends.
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    Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

    Awsome report, so who are all the handsome men in these pics?? I recognize witches of morva, and a few others, but not all of them. I do not know what TDLfan looks like, or his mate got a pic?? also thank you for the pic, wow thats a long way to the magic kingdom wonderful pics Summer!!!


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      Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

      Exellent photos
      I hope to attend one of the monthly MC meets someday, i worked it out that we will miss it by 1 day in december this year and we missed it by 1 day last year too


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        Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

        Great pics and great report!!
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          Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

          It was wonderful to meet you and the rest of the gang, Summer! I had an amazing time. I really will try and get to the meets more often.


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            Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

            What a great report Summer!!!
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              Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

              Great report Summer!

              Cher wins over Madonna no question!


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                Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                Great TR Summer. We were sad we had to miss this year with so many great people at the meet.

                See you in a few days.


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                  Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                  Very nice, Summer! (and you are right, the waiter was hot!!!)


                  Favorite TDL Typo:

                  Originally posted by TDLFAN
                  I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
                  on Bay Lake.


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                    Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                    Ahh, wishin I had been there! Thanks for the trip report!


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                      Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                      Thanks so much Summer, this is great, just great. I feel like I'm part of the fun.

                      Bless you and thanks!

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                        Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08


                        I think your waiter and Abe Lincoln have the same hairstylist.

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                          Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                          Great Shots Summer. I hope we can so you the same hospitality here in not as hot California!


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                            Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                   know I LOVE your reports.....

                            BUT, some of us (ME) don't have any clue who all those people are. Could you....maybe....label a couple of the pictures that have a bunch of MiceChatters? It'd be great to match names with faces. Thanks!


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                              Re: WDW - MK - Gay Days Meet - 06/07/08

                              FAB REPORT Summer!!! It was nice seeing ALL of the Micechatters and meeting some new friends, and seeing old ones again. Great time was had by all. Too bad my time was so limited while there, and I hope those of you going back home to CA have a great trip home. We hope to see you all real soon!!!

                              And yes, that waiter is HOT HOT HOT!!!


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