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Repurposing Catastrophe Canyon


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  • [Idea] Repurposing Catastrophe Canyon

    Okay so I just had an idea we could have a version of radiator springs racer where at one point you go through catastrophe canyon. Two sided like the one at california adventure however there would be a wet side and a dry side. This would obviously rip out the studio tour which almost no one would have a problem with.

    The purpose of the wet side versus dry side simmilar to the current studio tram tour so that you can experience the ride without getting wet if you don't want to.

    I've also got another idea. You could put Mack in the Canyon and he gets tilted on his side as you race by. With water gushing down both sides.

    And although I know that this is not the favorite idea with some people as they would like to see an entirely new attraction that doesn't involve Cars or the Test Track Ride system. So any other ideas on how to repurpose Catastrophe canyon or other ideas are welcome.

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    Re: Repurposing Catastrophe Canyon

    I agree that the whole Backlot Tour has gotta go. Its a lot of wasted space. I like expanding the Pixar Place idea, but over by LMA I would also add more NY streets and rename that area all the way to Muppet Vision the "Theater Distric" with a Broadway Roarin' 20s theme. Here are some thoughts on that

    I might take down the Honey I shrunk audience playground and put in a theater for another show, whatever that may be (maybe import the Alladin show) and expand outwards with some of the ideas presented above like a James Bond ride or perhaps a real haunted house designed with Stephen King
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