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Changing Hotels in WDW!


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  • [Question] Changing Hotels in WDW!

    Hey everyone, I will be going to WDW during the 2nd week of December 2008 (8-14th) and I was thinking of staying within the Disney property. However I would like to change hotel midway (ie 2 days in Animal kingdom Lodge 1st and maybe transfer over to Grand Floridian for the rest of the week....something like that) to fully enjoy the Disney experience. Is this a good idea? (I'm just travelling with my brother and cousin-3 of us in family and kids)

    And also if I do that? Will there be baggage transfer from a Disney Hotel to a Disney Hotel? Or do I have to lug it around myself. I know they do provide service from the airport to the hotel.

    This is my first time and i really want to make the best out of it. I am residing in Singapore and it is going to take me over 30 hours to get there!

    Please advice accordingly and any additional tips would be extremely useful! I am making plans and reservations already!

    Thank you so much in advance. This will be my 4th Disney experience if I make it there!

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    Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

    If you're coming here from Singapore then I will assume that you will be relying on Disney Bus Transportation to get you all over the resort and such.

    You have several options regarding your hotel switch scenario:

    1. Get a rental car while you're in WDW to take you wherever you want to go whenever and drive yourself to your next hotel mid-trip.

    2. Call a cab to transfer your company and luggage from Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Grand Floridian when the time comes.

    3. If you dont have too much luggage to carry you can try this free cheat: Take all your company and luggage on a Disney bus from your first hotel that will take you to the Magic Kingdom entry. From there walk past the Magic Kingdom entry and go up the ramp to the monorail station and take the Resort Line. The monorail will drop you off on the second floor of the Grand Floridian when it gets to that stop and then all you have to do is go down to the first floor and check in.

    But I think #2 is best if you want the least amount of hassles.

    Best to take good walking shoes is all I can say about anything else.


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      Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

      I was under the impression that Disney would transport your bags for you. I've switched resorts/rooms before and, honestly, it is a pretty big hassle. Unless, of course, you unpack minimal things for the first two nights at AKL and then actually "move in" for the rest of the week at the GF.


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        Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

        Originally posted by saxycool View Post
        Hey everyone, I will be going to WDW during the 2nd week of December 2008 (8-14th)
        Lucky you! All of the Christmas decorations with NO crowds.


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          Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

          Bell Services at the WDW Resort you're staying at will be more than happy to transport your luggage to your new room at another WDW Resort while you're enjoying yourself at the parks. We've done this on two different trips, both worked out totally fine. And you picked the two best hotels, Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Floridian! I'd recommend maybe staying one more night at's SO gorgeous and SO fun.


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            Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

            The last poster was correct. You do not have to lug your luggage yourself. The resort will transfer your luggage for you. As to renting a car. Unless you are going to use the car everyday you will be paying for a car to sit in the parking lot. I would suggest for the day or two you may want to go off property, get a car from the guest service desk at the resort you are staying at. This way you are only paying for the car when you need it....
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              Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

              I have done a split stay at Disney World twice. It was handled smoothly both times by Bell Services. The first time we moved from Port Orleans to the Beach Club. The 2nd time, it was from Caribbean Beach to the Grand Floridian.

              It's a good idea to call, or stop by Bell Services, and arrange to have your luggage moved early in the morning. You can then visit the parks, and check in at your new hotel, as your schedule dictates. Your luggage will be moved to your new hotel, and you can have it delivered at your convenience.

              I was a little fearful, doing this at first, but it worked out just fine.

              I do believe that you are not allowed to take luggage on the bus, boats, and monorails, of Walt Disney World.


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                Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

                Aahh...thank you guys all sooooooo much! I'm usually a Tokyo Disneyland go-er. Have been there for more than 10 times!

                I went to Anaheim Disneyland last yr end so I thought I'll try out WDW!

                How many days would be sufficient for me?

       many questions...Don't know where to start!

                I've been reading all the posts religiously! But thank you so much guys! Any other hotels you guys would recommend...Maybe I can do 3 instead of 2!


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                  Re: Changing Hotels in WDW!

                  Go as many days as you can afford. The good thing about going to Disney World is that there are a lot of great things to do at the resorts, and other locations in all of Disney World, that you don't have to actually visit a park every day.

                  I have done short trips, and a longer one as well. The longer vacation lets you do a lot more relaxing, and you get to enjoy your hotel (resort) more. If your vacation is short than you tend to spend all yours days in the parks, and you really can't enjoy your hotels.

                  There's always great swimming at the resorts, and there's really something for everyone.


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