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WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

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  • Trip Report WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

    Last year I decided that I wanted to find a camp at WDW so i googled it and found Livewire, week at Disney World where you can spend a week at disney world surrounded by people that share the same love as you!! I really had no idea what i would be doing except going to the parks, but i though, how bad could it be? and it was so much fun!!

    Day 1
    it was my first time to fly by myself, but i had no problems with it at all. my plane left at 6:00 am and I arrived in Orlando at 12:30. once i got to the airport, i met up with 3 livewire representatives and i met 2 other campers. just a few minutes later i boarded the magical express and was off to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

    we stayed in aruba

    once i got to my room i met my roommate...they told us that we could do whatever we wanted until 7 and i wasnt about to stay at the hotel, so me, me roommate and another guy went off to Epcot!

    our first ride was mission space and we did green because Dylan (the other guy we were with) said that he would throw up on orange...

    we walked on the ride with no wait!

    next was The Seas with Nemo and Friends

    next we were in line for test track but it started pouring! so we ran to the test track store and bought ponchos!!

    we made our way over to mexico and rode the Gran Fiesta Tour
    then Maelstrom...once we got off of maelstrom it stopped raining!

    it was getting closer to the time we needed to be back at the hotel, so we quickly walked around the world showcase to get a snack in France and the head back..

    when we got back to the hotel we boarded a bus to DHS...when we got there we were all given wristbands and told to put away our cameras so i knew we were about to do something awesome!

    for dinner we were led backstage by the Backlot Tour and were taken to a prop room!! they did let us take pictures in here!

    we had fajitas for dinner....they were very good

    after dinner...we walked backstage from the backlot tour area all the way to fantasmic! we had special seats for the show but it started lightning so it was canceled but we all got on RRC and then ToT with very small waits!!

    i was so excited about TSMM so we ran over there and had a 50 minute wait which wasnt too bad..

    i LOVED toy story!!!! it was so awesom!!!

    Magic Kingdom was open until 2 that night so we went over there for extra magic hours.. first we got a FP for space mountain and then rode on Buzz Lighttear and then it was time for our fast passes!

    next we got on the teacups, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and then Haunted Mansion

    we ran into Goofy!

    then off to Splash Mountain and was late so i didnt take very many pictures at the Magic Kingdom

    us on the bus a 2:15 am...

    thats all for Day 2 coming up soon!

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    Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

    Day 2

    for all of our meals we got meal tickets which got us an entree, side, dessert, and a drink for dinner/lunch and entree, side and drink for breakfast.. so i used my first one for breakfast at the hotel!

    after breakfast we had a meeting with our group that we had been divided up into the night before. i was in the blue group...there were three groups and we each had to make a movie. the theme for our movie was a mission impossible type movie where someone was dropped into the magic kingdom and had various missions to complete... since nobody else volunteered i got to be the star of the movie lol

    so we headed off the MK to shoot our first scene

    the guy in the middle was our groups leader....

    in our first scene i was "dropped" in the magic kingdom and given my mission assignments

    then we went on tomorrowland transit authority

    then we ate lunch at Cosmic Ray's

    next we filmed a high-speed car chase on the Tomorrowland Speedway

    my cameraman

    next we filmed a scene in the Space Mountain gift shop.

    then we walked over to BTMR

    we were supposed the film on this ride but since our group leader wasnt with us we forgot lol

    after BTMR...most of the people in my group started whining that they didnt want to be in the parks anymore and they just wanted to go to the computer lab at our me and 2 other people stayed at the park while everyone else left

    we went on the enchanted tiki room

    on our way out of adventureland we saw that the parade was going on so we watched it from kindof far away, but there were no people there!

    next was Mickey's Philharmagic! one of my favorites!

    it was time to use our fastpasses that we got when our leader wasnt looking

    then we did Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

    then we took the back walkway to Mickey's Toontown Fair

    we walked through mickey's house next

    then we went on Potc and then off to Tomorrowland Terrace for dinner with everybody

    after dinner Animal Kingdom was having extra magic hours so we went over there

    our first ride was Expedition Everest with only a 20 minute wait

    after EE, we went on Dinosaur where i found one of my friends from home, so we got to ride togther! after that we went back to EE and went to single rider line...
    then we went to Primeval Whirl and i ran into some of other people at the camp so i stayed with them the rest of the night because the people i was with wanted to go back to the hotel... and i got to help them film some of their movie

    after that we went on EE 3 times in a was AWESOME!! lol

    after that it was back to the hotel and the end of day 2!


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      Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

      Wow, I think I'd want to do something like this! To google I go!


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        Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

        Day 3

        Day 3 started off with the Y.E.S. program....our bus dropped us off backstage behind Main Street and we met our tourguides

        our tour started off with learning about magnets and then we got on TTA to see how electromagnets powered it

        we had to answer a few questions about it

        then we went on Mickey's Philharmagic to learn about how sound made the ride better

        next we learned about the uses of scrim

        then we went on HM

        after we rode on HM, we got to go BACKSTAGE!!! :yea: we went in the ballroom scene to see how they made that was amazing!!

        after that we all went on iasw

        lunch was at Columbia Harbour House and then off to Splash Mountain to film a scene...but we only filmed a pre-ride scene and we didnt go on the ride

        next we went on potc

        after this my group, once again, wanted to go back to the hotel to play on the me ant 2 others went to DHS

        we took the monorail to the ticket and transportation center

        we were about to go on Rock'n'Roller Coaster but the ride shut down

        we went to Beauty and the Beast

        it was a fun show

        i made reservations for the 3 of us at Les Chefs de France because i didnt feel like eating fast food for every single one of my meals...since the reservation was so last minute, it wasnt until late so we had got a snack at Pizza Planet with one of our meal tickets that we wouldnt be using

        while we were having dinner it started pouring so we put on our ponchos and ran to Muppet Vision....after the show it was still raining so we made a mad dash through the rain to get to Star Tours and after the ride we lost Jomary lol but then we found her!

        after that we went over to Epcot and went on Spaceship was my first time to go on it since the update and i like it!

        we slowly made our way over to France and then it was finally time to eat!!

        i ordered the sauteed scallops with black tiger was very good!!! and then i had creme brulee for dessert!!

        after that it was time for Epcot's extra magic hours so i met up with some other people and we went on Mission Space...the green again

        in line for Test Track

        after that was Nemo and then i bought some Pirate Mickey Ears!!
        then we went on Spaceship Earth and ended day 3

        coming 4!!


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          Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

          Originally posted by stitchon View Post
          Wow, I think I'd want to do something like this! To google I go!
          if you have any questions about this camp ill be more than happy to answer them for was so much fun!!!


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            Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

            Day 4

            On day 3, a few of asked if we could get to MK before the park opened and then be at the hotel whenever they told us that we need to but we were told no and the counselors got mad at us and said that we werent group oriented...this kindof made us mad because they entire group barely ever did anything together.... so then we they told us that we could sleep in until 9 but we still couldnt go to Mk......

            so after we woke up on day 4 we had to work on our movie....which is not fun at all when you are sitting in a dark hotel room filled with computers when you could be in the best place in the world!

            since editing a movie was so boring... me and a few people that werent in my group escaped and went to get tattoos lol

            we decided that we had been gone long enough so we went back. since only half of our group was working on the movie while the rest were swimming, our leader promised us that we wouldnt have to work on the viedo after we got back from our ideas tour. later it was time for my group to go to the i.d.e.a.s. studio!!!

            we boarded the bus to DHS

            we were led backstage by the art of animation and led to ideas!

            i.d.e.a.s is a post production company and we took a quick tour of the place...

            we were led into foley studio where we were shown a clip from monsters inc. and we recreated all the sound from it!!

            the different types of floors that they had

            found this on one of the tables in there....

            some of the poeple they've worked with

            after that was over we were going to eat lunch at Pizza Planet, but it was packed so we went to the ABC commissary.. it wasnt looking like our leader was going to keep his promise so while we were eating i snuck away for a second and made reservations at the Rose and Crown for me and two of my friends so that he couldnt force us to edit all day! lol

            so i was right that alex was going to make us stay in and work but then we got to escape with our reservations! we went over to Epcot to make it in time to eat...but i also stopped by the boardwalk to take a few pictures

            dinner was delicious! i ordered potato and leek soup for my appetizer and steak and fish for my entree!

            next we went over to DHS for extra magic hours and we met up with some people at the Great Movie Ride

            we did single rider line on RRC and we all ended up in the same car

            me and haley

            after RRC, we were going to go over to ToT but Haley was scared of the ride because she hadnt ridden it in a long time and she had bad memories....we were almost in line and i decided that i would wait with haley so that the others could go on the ride...but then some lady came up to us and gave us fastpasses for the ride so we ended up going on it and Haley loved it!!

            after that we walked over to the New York set area and just walked was so much fun because there were absolutely no people there because everyone else was in line for ride! then we went back to tower of terror and then to TSMM

            after this the park was way past closed so we went back to the hotel

            up next....Day 5!


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              Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

              Wow very cool. And.... OMG! The puppets from Legend of the Lion King were in that prop room!


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                Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                What an amazing trip report!
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                  Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                  Thanks for the great report! Glad you had fun!


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                    Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                    Great report, can't wait to see more!
                    Check out my page at

                    Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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                      Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                      Day 5

                      To Start off Day one a few of us went to Mk for extra magic hours...but then the bus was late so we jsut arrived there for normal park hours lol..

                      First we went on snow white's scary adventure

                      then haunted mansion

                      then the flying carpets

                      and then it was time to meet up with a few others for breakfast at the Crystal Palace..which was very good!

                      after breakfast we went over to DAK

                      first we went on Dinosaur

                      Then we went to Finding Nemo the Musical which was amazing! i love that show!!

                      after the show we went to Expedition Everest

                      after EE it was time for lunch so we went over to Pizzafari, but the line was all the way out the door so we went over restauranosaurus

                      after lunch we went to It's Tough to be a Bug

                      then it was almost time for the parade

                      after the parade we got on a bus to Epcot so that we could visit all the countries in the World Showcase

                      after walking so much we needed to sit down for a few minutes so we got on Journey Into Imagination and then had a quick bite to eat at Sunshine Seasons

                      then we got on Living with the Land

                      We quickly got on the monorail to MK to meet up with some people to watch the fireworks

                      once we got to MK, we went on Peter Pan, then Snow White, we watched the fireworks, and then went on Splash mountain and BTMR

                      then we were very tired so we went back to the hotel!

                      coming soon....Day 6!!!


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                        Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                        so confused... so you found a summer camp based by WDW that you just go to WDW most of the time and make a movie about it? :P


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                          Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                          Day 6

                          day 6 was our last full day at camp and it started out with another YES 7 in the morning... lol

                          our first stop on the program was learning about potential and kinetic energy on roller coasters

                          i accidentally broke one of the little models lol...but i think they fixed it later

                          then we went on Space Mountain with the lights on!!! it was soo cool but i didnt take any pictures

                          next we went on Buzz...and we were given tips on how to improve our score...but i stil suck at that. im much better at TSMM

                          after that we went over to BTMR and had cups of water where we were supposed to tilt the cup while on the ride to keep all the water in....nobody ended up doing it correctly and we just dumped our water on the person behind us lol luckily i was sitting in the front row!

                          after this we were finished with the i quickly split off with my friends because by this point at camp nobody really liked us anymore so we only had each other haha

                          then we all got a text saying that we all had to be at the hotel at 3 to edit the movie...we were a little mad..

                          so first we went over to Splash Mountain, ate lunch at Cosmic Ray's, and then went on the TTA 2 times in a row!! its so much fun lol

                          after that we decided that we would go work on our movies early so that we could leave early because we did no want to hve to spend our last day at WDW in a cramped little hotel room.

                          while we were walking over to the hub from tomorrowland, we saw that Dream Along with Mickey was going on and we also saw on of the double decker street cars so we climbed into that and had the best seats ever!!

                          us recording some footage

                          it was about 12:15 by this time so we went ahead to the hotel to get some work done on the movie...

                          look how much fun i was having working on the movie....

                          so since we got there early...i was the only person in my group there so i did 2 1/2 solid hours of movie editing by myself...and we all worked the entire time on our movie so at about 4 we just left and they were mad at us but i wasnt about to spend all day working on the movie and that was why we came in early

                          so we escaped to MK!!


                          we went on Snow White and then started heading back to the busses when we saw the fairy god mother!

                          we decided that we were going to have a party in one of our rooms after we got back from the parks later that night so we got all of our left over meal tickets and got a ton of food at the hotel!!

                          then it was time to meet everybody else at the hotel to go eat at epcot...we could feel evrybody staring at us as we walked up...

                          on our way to dinner

                          we ate on the 3rd floor of the American Adventure!

                          after that we had private seats for Illuminations..they were by the Rose and Crown

                          after Illuminations we rushed over to MK for extra magic hours until 2!!!

                          we rode in the front of the monorail!!!

                          first we watched a little bit of the fireworks, then we went on splash mountain

                          then potc, and then we went to main street and got the best lollipops ever! they give you so much energy from all the sugar!!

                          so since we were wide awake from the lollipops, we were ready to stay until 2...we went on Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and then buzz, and then over to snow white! after that we rode on iasw

                          then we went on peter pan and after that it was about 1:35 so we went over to BTMR and then splash mountain!

                          it was 2:15 after we got off of splash mountain and we were making our way to main street and i realized that i left my camera on the ride! so we turned around and they told us that it would hopefully be at city we made our way down mainstreet and finally found it!!

                          then it was time to go back to the hotel where we had our party!! we planned it to be an all-nighter but then after about 15 minutes..we all realized that we were about to pass out and needed to go pack

                          so that ended day 6...coming up is my last day


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                            Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                            Originally posted by almandot View Post
                            so confused... so you found a summer camp based by WDW that you just go to WDW most of the time and make a movie about it? :P
                            haha pretty much!!


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                              Re: WDW Livewire July 13-19!!!

                              Day 7

                              whenever we left our party, i didnt tell anyone goodbye because i told them to call me before they got on the magical express to the airport...but when i woke up i had i text that said that the camp director didnt let them wake me up because she said i needed to was kindof depressing

                              so i ran to get a muffin before i had to leave and i took some pictures of the pool construction

                              then i had a very delicious chocolate chip muffin and i walked back over to to our building and was about to wake up my 2 other friends that were still at the hotel but the camp director came running to me to tell me that i was running late... but i was not at all

                              so i didnt get to say goodbye to any of my friends and the bus that she tried to make me get on 30 minutes before my scheduled time was too full so i ended up just having to sit in the lobby for a long time...

                              the counselor fell asleep on the bus...

                              Well thats all for my week at WDW!! if anyone has any questions about the camp ill be happy to answer them! thanks for looking!!