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New 2009 Package


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  • News New 2009 Package

    Quick Service Dining Plan
    For each PACKAGE NIGHT, clients with this package will receive:

    2 Quick Service Meals
    OR one complete Combo Meal
    One dessert (Lunch or Dinner) or one juice (Breakfast)
    One single serving non-alcoholic beverage

    2 Snacks
    Choose from:
    - Frozen ice-cream novelty, popsicle or fruit bar
    - Box of popcorn
    - Single serving grab bag of Frito-Lay's chips
    - One 20oz bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dansani water
    - Single piece whole fruit
    - Medium fountain soft drink or apple juice

    Resort Refillable Drink Mug
    1 per person, per package.

    Adults less than $30.00
    Children less than $9.00
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    Re: New 2009 Package

    wait...I don't get get two counter services now instead of one counter service and one table service? PLus, the one snack?


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      Re: New 2009 Package

      will unused credits still carryover?

      last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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        Re: New 2009 Package

        That seems like a good deal if you aren't going to eat much table service. Is this something from an independent travel agency or is it a change in Disney's official dining plan?


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          Re: New 2009 Package

          Originally posted by Stitchy View Post
          wait...I don't get get two counter services now instead of one counter service and one table service? PLus, the one snack?
          No this is a new option in response to folks who do not want to eat at the table service restaurants, where staying in a value resort that didn't have table service and didn't want to run around to use it, or that wanted a cheaper alternative. The regular dining plan is still available as is the deluxe Dining Plan.

          At a glance - The new Quick Service Meal Plan:
          • Can be booked now for arrivals beginning 1/11/09.
          • You get 2 Quick Service meals and 2 snacks per person per night of stay.
          • Refillible Mug = Free drinks at the resort. (e.g. not for use in the parks, DTD, etc.)
          • $29.99 per adult
          • $8.99 per child (ages 3-9)
          • You can not use two quick service meals towards one table service meal.

          Basically it's 10$ cheaper per day for Adults, 2$ per children than the basic DDP. plus you get the Mug to take home and add to your collection. (and bring back next time as they basically let you use them forever it seems.)

          I would expect that Disney may start offering package deals next year with the QSDP the same way they typically offer the free DDP each September. The good news here is that there are more Quick Service options at most parks than there are Table Service and we may get back to the point where you no longer have to plan meals months in advance of your trip if you want a sit down meal durig one of those promotions.
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            Re: New 2009 Package

            Originally posted by DisneyPrincess4590 View Post
            That seems like a good deal if you aren't going to eat much table service. Is this something from an independent travel agency or is it a change in Disney's official dining plan?

            It's an official Disney Deal, more of an addition than a change. But it does offer more value for those who are the fast food types or are staying at the value resorts where they only offer the Quick Service eateries.

            The refillable Mug is probably what will make it more valuable for some, last time I looked they where $12 each and fountain soda was a over $2 a cup. So I'd figure at least 2 refils a day on that cup will save you 4-5$ per person (assuming morning and evening use) or more if your hanging out at the pool or resort hopping that day. Big soda drinks even more, and of course don't forget the Dole Whip machine in Captain cooks at the Polly! Yum! So big soda/coffee drinkers can defiantely benifit.
            Hi I'm Jerren and I'm a Disneyholic...


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              Re: New 2009 Package

              When Disney came out with the DDP, it was actually something I could recommend to my guests at the time (I worked with a Disney authorized agency for 6 years).

              I wasn't able to really recommend the DDP once tips were no longer included, and this isn't a deal either. $30 for 2 counter service and 2 snacks seems very high to me. (yes, there are places where you could stretch the value - but I don't ever spend that kind of money on fast food at Disney).


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                Re: New 2009 Package

                I can see how someone might want to pay ahead for their food. If they normally book a package, and want to carry less cash on their trip, this new plan might be attractive to them. I personally don't usually book a package. I might save a little money, if I could purchase this, but since I don't go the package route, I guess cash, and credit card will have to suffice. Of course, this package is more suitable for someone who doesn't do a lot of character meals, or eat in sitdown restaurants. I tend to mix and match. It's an interesting concept, and I can see how Disney World is trying to get more of our money, before we even leave home.


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                  Re: New 2009 Package

                  What will be interesting is if they do indeed offer free dining using this package as opposed to the basic dining plan and then offer an upgrade for a (hopefully small) fee. I don't think I'd mind the upgrade if it was $9.99/day and hopefully having the free dining exclude table service will take some of the pressure off getting reservations as well as reduce the streamlining of menus, etc. that we have seen over the past few years.

                  I think that it will be a while before the economy turns around and hopefully that will translate into some nice incentives at WDW.
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                    Re: New 2009 Package

                    I don't know. Maybe it's me. But oh lordy do I hate these packages.

                    Give me two options

                    1) Nothing is paid for ahead of time. Let me eat/do what I want at the costs I want

                    2) Everything is paid for (OK, maybe not booze, that I can understand) and there are no additional costs.

                    When you start getting into QSFB credits, and snack credits, and free mugs, and sit down credits, and some places are two credits, and somtimes you can change two QSFB credits in for a sit down credit, but other times you cant, unless its the third Tuesday of the month and Mickey is wearing his blue underwear, unless of course its for a Dole Whip, in which case they will give you an AP discount, unless you are on the DDE, which is different from the DDP, however some CM's dont realize that unless you are eating at Yak and Yeti which while is a restaruant in a Disney Park is NOT a Disney restaruant where they willl happly take one of your credits no matter the status of said Mickey undergarments, but will tell you that they will take your DDE discount only when the EE yeti is in A mode, and we all know thats not going to happen. Well that all seems more like work and less like a vacation.

                    Whew !

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