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American Idol Casting Call for DHS


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  • [Other] American Idol Casting Call for DHS

    The American Idol Experience

    For: Walt Disney World
    Audition Location: Evolution Dance Studios - Los Angeles, CA
    Looking For: Actors

    August 05, 2008
    10:00 AM
    Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    Walt Disney Entertainment is seeking Hosts, Judges, and comedic audience Warm Up Hosts, for the opening cast of its newest attraction, The American Idol Experience at Park in the Resort in Orlando, FL set to open January 2009. Rehearsals begin October 12, 2008 in Orlando. (Weekly salary, limited relocation package, no housing or car included)
    All performers employed by the Walt Disney World
    Important Note: These auditions are solely for actors who will be employed to perform the Warm-Up, Host and Judges roles as part of the The American Idol Experience attraction within

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    Re: American Idol Casting Call for DHS

    ORWEN: Oh, this is such wonderful news!! Maybe it's not too late for me to finally get discovered!!!

    ORGOCH: Trust me on this, sister. Ya went an' got yerself discovered almost as much as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton an' Jeff'ry Dalmer. Ain't nobody out there who ain't scared ta death a ever meetin' ya!


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