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AAA discount question -- package versus individual parts


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  • [Question] AAA discount question -- package versus individual parts

    Frankly, I'm used to answering questions rather than asking them, but now it's my turn to ask for some assistance.

    I thought I understood all of the mechanics of how the AAA discount works, but it seems there's a gap in my knowledge big enough to ride the monorail through.

    I know Disney's definitions of a room-only reservation and of a package. I know I can get the AAA discount (if available) on a room-only reservation directly through WDW or through the TA of my choice. I know if I want the AAA discount on a package that I must go through a AAA TA.

    I'm just not 100% clear on what the AAA package discount actually discounts. Does it discount ONLY the room rate?

    A few details ... it's unlikely we'll buy the DDP (although the new quick-service option looks semi-appealing to me). Whether I buy my tickets through WDW as an add-on to my room-only, or book the tickets as part of a package with AAA discount, or buy them at my local AAA office ... frankly I don't care. I just want to save the most money possible.

    If I'm not buying the DDP, then the small differences between a room-only and a package are totally unimportant to me. I guess the bottom-line question (FINALLY!) is ...

    Will an AAA room-only discount plus my cost of park tickets be the same price as an AAA package discount? Is there any FINANCIAL benefit of one versus the other (I'm not talking about a Planet Hollywood voucher or a souvenir luggage tag or different payment/cancellation terms, I'm talking bottom-line money money money)???

    Thanks for your help! :bow:

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    Re: AAA discount question -- package versus individual parts

    You could have AAA price them out separately for you. Also, there is a major difference - with a Disney package, you have to pay 45 days out, and cancellation/change fees start then. With room and tickets paid separately, you don't have to do that (I prefer room/ticket separate whenever possible). And since tickets JUST went up, you don't have to buy the tickets until just before you leave.

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