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Cool Hidden Treasures Page and Video


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  • Video Cool Hidden Treasures Page and Video

    Found this 'Hidden Treasures' video and guide. Most of these things are well known to the rabid fans, but there may be a few highlights you haven't seen.

    The cool part is they include photos of all the stuff.. and they have a full on produced video (almost an hour!) visiting the stuff as well. Think like a Travel Channel show..

    Check it out here

    Its all on youtube here

    I started with just the photo guide and I found it pretty cute and interesting. Not a huge fan of the video, but its great someone took all the photos to go with the stories. Here is their top 30 List. The descriptions and photos are all on the above linked page. It's these kinds of details that make Disney... Disney!

    #30 - Willie the Giant inside Sir Mickey's Shop
    #29 - Buried Jewels of Agrabah
    #28 - French Artist's Easel
    #27 - Mickey Laundry on the Line
    #26 - Muppet Ice Cream Planter
    #25 - Old Time Soda Coolers
    #24 - Minnie Mouse's House
    #23 - Land Pavillion Mosaic
    #22 - Lady & The Tramp Pawprint
    #21 - Cinderella's Carrousel Horse
    #20 - Mickey's Country House
    #19 - Test Track's Eggs & Icepops
    #18 - Talking Trash Can
    #17 - Wodden Leg Named "Smith"
    #16 - Cinderella Story Mosaic
    #15 - Japanese Candy Art
    #14 - Classic Muppet Gags
    #13 - Infamous Wedding Ring*
    #12 - Mr. Toad's Wild Business Deal
    #11 - The Hall of Prayer
    #10 - Free Soda!
    #9 - Paul Reviere's Lanterns
    #8 - Walt Disney's Tiepin
    #7 - Archeologist's Rope
    #6 - Spooky Warning Message*
    #5 - Always a Rainy Day
    #4 - Fit for a Princess
    #3 - Party Line*
    #2 - Hidden Pixie
    #1 - "Back in 5 Minutes"

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