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rent a car?


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  • rent a car?

    I will be at WDW for a week in Oct. I am able to rent a car for $115 for the whole week. Is it worth it? Can I get around any faster? Is it worth being able to go to a grocery store? I am on the Disney Dining plan, so eating outside of the kingdom is not a concern. Please help!! thank you!!

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    Re: rent a car?

    Well ... I don't know much about WDW but from what I have heard they have transportation throughout the property and I think also to the water parks and whatnot. I am cheap so I wouldn't get the car
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      Re: rent a car?

      We did not rent a car when we went because we were on such a tight budget. If you plan on visiting the hotels around the resort, doing alot of parkhopping and late nights then it might be worth it for you. It boils down to is the cost of the car worth the conveince of being able to hop in and jet off to Boardwalk for dinner without having to tranfer buses and such. You know what I mean?

      Also, if you have AAA their parking spots are great!

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        Re: rent a car?

        I'd go for the car, we had a car when we were at WDW and it overs you so much flexibility. Yes, they public transport at WDW is great but it's impossible to get from one resort to the next without going via a park, etc unless you're staying in the Magic Kingdom Resort area. I don't think you'd regret getting a car at all!
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          Re: rent a car?

          I just returned from my first visit using Magical Express and used Disney transportation. My recommendation, especially if you're there for a week: get a car. First of all, many companies are right there at the airport, no rental car shuttles. It gives you flexibility to park hop easily without waiting for the bus. They don't have buses directly from the water parks to the theme parks for example. You don't have to wait for the buses at park closing. If you want to go to Jellyrolls or Atlantic Dance one night, you can drive back to your resort, rather than bus to DD and change to your resort bus. It depends on how mobile you're planning to be, of course, but I'd recommend it.


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            Re: rent a car?

            Here are my 7 cents...
            If you are not planning to leave Disney property (as in going to Universal, etc) don't rent a car. DME is free and [at least for me] worked wonderfully. What I do suggest though is learning about Disney transporation before hand. Here is some info...
            1) Swan & Dolphin, Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach, Epcot, DMGM Studios
            2) Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom
            3) Wilderness Lodge, Fort Wilderness, Contemporary, MK (I could be wrong with this one)
            4) Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, The Marketplace, The West Side (see times)
            5) Port Orleans, The Marketplace, The West Side (see times)
            1) MK, Contemporary, TTC, Poly, Grand Flordian
            2) MK, TTC
            3) TTC, Epcot
            1) MK, Contemporary
            2) TTC, Poly
            3) Boardwalk, Epcot, DMGM Studios, Y&B Clubs, Swan & Dolphin, Fantasia Golf
            4) Saratoga Springs, Downtown Disney (I could be wrong on this one)
            Buses are not available from MK Monorail resorts to MK (I'm not sure about busing to Epcot)
            Buses are not available from Epcot Resorts to DMGM or Epcot
            Buses to resorts can be found at the 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and Downtown Disney

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              Re: rent a car?

              Last year on our first visit, we didn't rent a car during our week stay in mid September. (In between hurricanes.) We entertained the possibility of renting a car on our first day but the buses worked well enough that we didn't bother.

              However, the resort was VERY empty and I wonder how it would be when conditions are more crowded.

              On a side note, I will be returning on September 13th for another week of fun. We aren't planning on getting a car but if IOA or the Space Center calls, we might just have to go for it


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                Re: rent a car?

                We've never rented a car when staying on property. We never felt the need - and although the wait times sometimes were longer than I would have liked - I never experienced any painfully long waits. We've rented cars twice to go off property to Universal, We've also done Universal from on property with a taxi.
                My recommendation don't do the car unless you really want to be in control of your own transportation - and remember - if you drive you also have to deal with parking and such.


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