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Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)


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  • Trip Report Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

    Ok, so I finally have all of my pictures uploaded and ready to go. I'll be short and to the point. The only two things that bothered us on this trip were the humidity, which is saying something because we live near Memphis and it's humid here too, and the high concentration of rude people.

    Other than that, it was a blast. We arrived on the 7th, which was two Sundays ago and was one day early. We stayed at the Seralago. While this hotel was nice due to the low cost and pool, which we used every night, I was highly disappointed with the lack of internet in the room and the lack of choices on the tv. Half of the channels seemed to be in Spanish and that's not my language.

    Anyhow, on to the show!

    Magic Kingdom Day 1 9-9-2008

    Almost there!

    The pearly gates!!(well, almost)

    Space Mountain as seen from the monorail

    Me and the kids in front of the Main Street station

    The kids and Snow White

    Sure, it looks crowded, but looks are deceiving.

    The kids and Daisy Duck

    Cinderella's Castle

    Splash Mountain

    Mine and the kids favorite ride, the Haunted Mansion.

    My wife's(and most women's) favorite person

    Yeah yeah, more Sparrow

    One of my favorite pics because my daughter is getting good at posing

    Dreams Come True Parade

    The old Fantasyland SKyway station

    Justin enjoying Minnie's chair

    And now on to the MNSSHP portion of Day 1......

    These were some of my favorite costumes

    My little Prince Caspian and Snow White

    The kids and Minnie

    Boo to You Parade

    The Gravediggers. I loved when they did their spins and made the sparks on the ground

    Main Street on the way out

    That wraps up day 1. The MNSSHP was fantastic, and having those extra five hours in the park was fantastic and well worth the price. We didn't get that much candy but we did have fun. Day 2 coming up shortly.

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    Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

    I would love to see some pics of the Seralago. I have always wondered how the hotel is... Love the pics so far. The one of your kids with Aladdin and Jasmine is priceless!!

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible- Walt Disney


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      Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

      Alright, day 2 is coming up. Be aware though that since we didn't get back to the hotel until roughly 1:30 in the morning, we slept in the next day and decided to do the Animal Kingdom, since we heard it was actually a half day park.

      So, we arrived around 12:20 that afternoon and entered the park. On to the show!

      On the tram

      The kids and Balu

      Petting the little croc/alligator, whatever it was


      Waiting on the parade


      Donald Duck

      Lazy bums

      Minnie and friends on the way out

      That wraps up day 2. Like I said, we only spent about 4-4.5 hours in the park. It rained lightly for a little bit and overall I don't think any of us were that impressed with this park. It just didn't feel like Disney for some reason. We did however use our first fastpasses ever on the Safari. Anyhow, on to day 3, which would be Hollywood Studios.


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        Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

        Great pictures!!!! Your kids are adorable....just like all Mississippi kids. But, then, I'm daughter was born in MIss. haha.

        I love the Mario and Luigi costumes. I thought about that the other day. I told my husband he could be Mario, I could be princess and our daughter could be Toadstool. Neither of them liked that idea.


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          Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

          Ok, here comes day 3, at the Hollywood Studios. We had a blast here. The only thing that stunk was that it rained a bit later in the day but it was light and didn't stop our fun. We also got to use more Fastpasses, for TSMM of course. Anyways, enough yacking, here come the pics.

          Sleepyhead #1

          Sleepyhead #2

          Kids in a hat

          The kids and Frozone

          The kids in the HSM parade

          Mickey and kids

          Yellow Power Ranger

          Red Ranger

          White Ranger

          Pink Ranger

          The kids with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

          Justin and me

          The Topiary? Water Tower

          Justin at TSMM

          Ashley at TSMM

          The kids and the Army Man

          Prince Caspian and man, this guy sounded just like him and looked the part too!

          Woody and Buzz

          The kids in the BPB(Block Party Bash)

          The PoTC Organ. I'd like to take credit for this picture and I think it came out very well.

          Tower of Terror

          B&B at Fantasmic

          Mickey and the Sword

          Ok, that wraps up day 3 at the Hollywood Studios. This was a great park and our next time in Orlando we will be doing 2 days here. TSMM was an absolute blast as well, but there's no way I'd ride it without using Fastpasses. All fastpasses were gone by 12:30, but I had already gotten 2 sets. It was crazy because when I got the second set at 12:30, the return time was 6:20-7:20.

          My wife took our daughter on ToT, because I am admittedly a sissy and my son is too. It's not that I get sick as much as it is that I have slight motion problems and I tense up and start to hyperventilate in certain situations.

          We also had a blast in the Animation Academy and we got to draw Chip. Fantasmic was awesome and we had fun doing the wave while we were waiting for the show to begin.

          Ok, on to day 4, which is MK again and so is day 5. There were more days on this trip but since they weren't Disney parks I will post them in the other forums.


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            Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

            Ok, day 4 here. MK once again and I might not be putting that many pics up for the next days days. Day 4 was EXTREMELY hot, especially in line to meet Ariel. It was listed as a 40 minutes wait but it was actually just under 1 hour.

            Here we go.

            Meeting Ariel

            The kids and Pooh





            Rafiki and Timone

            The Haunted Mansion

            View from the Swiss Family Treehouse

            Pirate Show

            Wendy and Peter Pan


            More TL

            Mary Poppins and Bert(sp?)


            Waiting on Spectro Magic Parade

            Chip & Dale

            Cinderella and Prince

            the River

            Justin saying goodbye to the park

            We had fun this day and we got almost every signature we needed for the kids books. The only ones missing were Alice, Goofy and someone else who I can't remember.

            Ok, on to our last day, in which we also decided to do another MNSSHP, it would be our last day in Orlando as well.


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              Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

              Nice report!


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                Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                Great report! Thanks for sharing.


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                  Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                  Ok, last day of Disney coming up. We didn't take quite as many pictures as before because this day was meant to ride all the rides and get stuff we missed before. However, on with the show!

                  Magic Kingdom day 3

                  Once again a deceivingly light crowd

                  Some old timer folks

                  The Mayor

                  Zurg and his two cell mates

                  Kids and Stitch

                  Space Mountain from the TTA

                  Goofy and the kids

                  Pirate Chess Tournament

                  The Castle from Liberty Square

                  Ashley on the Indy Speedway

                  IASW at 4pm

                  Lounging in Adventureland

                  Liberty Square

                  More Liberty Square

                  And now on to the 2nd MNSSHP of our trip

                  Waiting on Boo to You Parade

                  Jessie and the kids

                  Kids and the lady that sits in front of the HM

                  Cinderella's Carriage

                  Tom Sawyer's Island

                  Hook at the Parade

                  Dancing ghosts

                  Pumpkin head fella

                  Justin in his hybrid Caspian/Pirate costume

                  One last look at the park before we head home

                  Well, that wraps up the Disney portion of this TR. I have to say that although there were lots of people at the parks, wait times were very low. I think the longest we waited for any ride was 15 minutes, and that was Peter Pan.

                  My only complaints were that the international visitors were very rude and the humidity was pretty intense. Other than that it was a blast.

                  We're already planning our return trip for next year, but in the first two weeks of December so it will be cooler and so we can see the Xmas setup.

                  Thanks for looking at my trip report and please feel free to PM me with any questions or comments as well as any tips for our next trip. Thank you.


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                    Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                    Great pics!! And you're children looked gorgeous in there halloween outfits!!

                    In relation to your comment the "international visitors were very rude", I would like to say that in all nationalities there are rude people and polite people, irrelevant of there country of origin. I'm not picking on you here but quite a few people on MiceChat say things of that nature and I think its a foolish thing to say as there are rude people from ALL nationalities. As much as I'd like to say there aren't

                    Anyhoo, a great read!! Glad you had a good time!


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                      Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                      Yeah, I hope people know that I'm not saying that all foreigners are like that, I'm just saying that 95% of the ones we experienced at the parks(Sea World included) were rude. Most of them would bump not only me but my kids as well, without so much as an excuse me or even a look. Now granted there were Americans that did the same, but the ratio was much lower.

                      I think it's just that "I paid for this vacation and my family is the most important" syndrome that many vacationers get. I couldn't tell you how many people would either bump into us and not say excuse me or they would work their way in front of my kids at the parades until I said something and fixed it.

                      That's the only thing my wife hates, the fact that I will say something to someone, regardless. I'm not going to wait in a spot for 30 minutes to an hour just to have someone else get in front of us, at least not my kids.


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                        Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                        where did you meet frozone, buzz, and woody?
                        “If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”
                        -Winnie the Pooh


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                          Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                          I am going to repeat the question that was asked previously. Can you give us a review of the Seralago? I'm curious because it gets wildly different reviews on Tripadvisor, but the rates are always very reasonable.

                          Your thoughts?


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                            Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                            Frozone was inside the Animation Academy building and then Buzz and Woody were right across from TSMM at Studios. Buzz is also outside of Buzz Lightyear at the MK and Woody is down by the Frontierland Shooting Gallery.


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                              Re: Dray's Family WDW TR(16 years in the making!)

                              The Seralago was a pretty good hotel.


                              Nice clean rooms
                              Friendly staff
                              2 Huge pools + 2 spas + kiddie pool
                              Very conveniently located with restaurants and other needs located within 3 miles or so, plus it's only a 5 minutes drive to WDW


                              No internet in the rooms(only in lobby and cafe)
                              Lack of tv stations

                              I'd suggest it to other people but I probably won't book us there next year because we prefer to have internet access in our room.


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