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Quick update from DTD


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  • Trip Report Quick update from DTD

    Just spent a couple of hours at WDW's DTD today, and here are some of the things I found out about...

    The new T-Rex Restaurant will officially open on Oct 14th, 2008. It may however be opened for unannounced previews in a few days from now. I have to admit, I was not all that crazy about this themed restaurant joiing the lineup at DTD. I felt it to be a bit ..tacky. However, I was surprisingly pleased with how well the theming at the front of the building turned out. Some shots from my cellphone...

    I do like how they have plates that provide information about the particular dino skelleton we are looking at. The huge dino skelleton at the front is quite impressive. I can only hope that they provide some cleaning as time goes I can see these props getting mildewsy over time with the weather conditions in Central FL. While no one was being allowed inside, the front door to the place was half way opened... and I could see there were new employees undergoing training in there. However, I also coould get a little peek inside the building, and what little I saw, did look quite nice. I saw some animated dinos, rocky terrains..and mood lighting with fog effects. It looked rather promising, and if it was as nice as it appeared to be.. I am sure the place will be an instant hit. Of course.. remains to be seen how the food and service measure up and I am not expecting much in that dept. Remember, this place is also operated by the same folks that brought you the Rainforest Cafe.. "a great place to shop but not to eat."

    Nearby, construction on the new DTD stage is underway and pillars supporting the new ceiling over the stage are being erected.
    When all is said and done, the stage will look like this:

    Of course... this has one advantage.. the new ceiling will block the view of the ugly facade of World Of Disney store when seen from the eastern-most side of the DTD complex. So that change I welcome.

    Finally... the shop at the very end of DTD.. The Wonderful World of Disney Memories.., that is tht shop that sold stationary, books, CD etc etc... next to the Art of Disney and the Xmas shop.. has closed. It's been replaced by a "Make your Own" Tee-shirt establisment.. Not necesarily an improvement IMHO...

    ..and that's a quick update on DTD.

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    Re: Quick update from DTD

    The new T-Rex Restaurant will officially open on Oct 14th, 2008.
    I mentioned that last weekend.

    Yeah my friend that I met up with was disappointed the scrapbook store was closed. She's a HUGE scrapbook person and has her own scrapbook business thingy.


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      Re: Quick update from DTD

      Thanks for the update good to know that your first impressions are positive. I actually am looking forward to trying this new place out next month when I am down there. Must be just me but I actually haven't had a bad meal at the Rainforest Cafe and don't mind going there at all, so I expect the food there should be about the same.


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