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WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!


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  • News WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

    We held our very first Walt Disney World Gumball Rally on Saturday the 18th and it was smashing success!

    The event was a challenge to see if any of the competing teams would be able to complete a set of assigned attractions in each of Disney World's four parks. In the end, we had two teams complete all of the attractions assigned in all four parks. The winner was the team which crossed the finish line first.

    The race, designed by Disney author Kevin Yee, was 10 hours long.

    Kevin Yee (writer of the race), Dustysage (event planner), SummerinFL (event planner and tester), and Fishbulb (event designer), were there at EPCOT bright and early to welcome the contestants for their morning registration.

    Door greeter Fishbulb

    Dustysage read the rules aloud as the others followed along. Each team had a different strategy but all had to deal with varied operating hours, closures, ride breakdowns, and parades to visit a set of specific attractions in each of the four WDW parks.

    The figurative starting gun was fired and off the contestants were off to see the Disney World in a whole new way.

    Throughout the day groups scrambled around the WDW resort completing their assigned questions.

    The finish line was the Tomorrowland Noodle station and teams were instructed to turn in their pacets (finished or not) no later than 8pm.

    Teams streamed in, some getting there just 30 seconds before deadline.

    While the spectromagic parade went by, Kevin yee tallied the scores and when the time was right the winners were announced.

    3rd place went to...

    Team Kungaloosh - Laura Fulton and Andrew Lorant

    2nd place went to ...

    Dunder Mifflins - Melissa Howard and Christine Ochoa

    1st place for the WDW 08' Gumball Rally went to . . .

    THE DISNEY DIVAS!!!!! - Teresa Cory and Lisa Schneider

    Everyone cheered as each new team crossed the finish line and cheered again as the winning teams were announced. We've never seen better sports. And even after running around Disney World for 10 hours, everyone reported having a wonderful time.

    And even if the teams didn't take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, everyone came out a winner, as Kevin Yee generously gave out copies of his books to all of the players.

    First Place winners The Disney Divas summed up the event when they exclaimed how much fun they had - noting, "It was so much more fun than other events we have attended where you weren't certain you had the right answer when handing your packet in. These questions were all about making sure you rode the ride. We got to see the parks in a whole new way."

    Of the teams that did not place, we asked if they would play in the event again. Their responses were all an emphatic "YES!!!" When asked why they gave a variety of wonderful reasons: It is a fun way to see the parks, to use strategy to plan your day, and to play with fellow MC'ers. You don't even have to know the disney parks well to play and win this game, it's about being a smart park guest and having fun.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO PLAYED and a hearty THANK YOU for joining the fun at WDW and for your support Mice Chat.

    We'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures below.


    -Dusty and the MiceChat Crew
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    Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

    3rd place was actually a tie between Team Kungaloosh and Team Fans Across the Border and was broken by a trivia question session. All of the questions were based upon attractions which were part of the day's events.

    Here were the rest of our top finishers. Note that all of them had the same point total and are listed based upon time they finished:

    4 - Fans Across the Border - 380 pts - 18:50
    5 - Monorail Ducks - 380 pts - 19:15
    6 - Mactwins - 380 pts - 19:35
    7 - Team Pepsi - 380 pts - 19:37
    8 - Finding Temo - 380 pts - 19:42
    MiceChat 101: Be NICE! If you don't play well with others, you are in the wrong sandbox.

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      Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

      Congratulations to all the teams!!! I am so excited for everyone. A big congratulations from the West Coast to the winners.

      How generous of Kevin to give everyone copies of his book!

      Thank you for posting the results so quickly!
      Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
      I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

      May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

      NO GOATS!


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        Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

        Congratulations to all the teams. I'm sorry I didn't get to be there.


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          Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

          Quick correction:

          the pictures are in the right order, but mislabeled. Dunder Mifflin was Christine and Melissa, and they won first place. Second place was Disney Divas.
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            Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

            How exciting! So glad to hear it was a super successful day for everyone! :clap:
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              Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

              Congratulations to the winner! Glad to hear everyone had so much fun

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                Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                Great job everyone! Need to have the event in DL again!
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                  Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                  Congratulations to everyone who participated. What a blast! It must have been infinitely more difficult to try to hit all of the parks as they are spread out and transportation has to be taken into account. And kudos to the Micechat leadership for putting in the hours to get this organized. :bow: I really hope the gumball rally continues to be an annual tradition.


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                    Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                    Congratulations to all the competitors and to the winners! I'm glad it was such a great success!
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                      Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                      Sounded wonderful !! congrats to all those who played. I can not wait for more pictures!!!


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                        Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                        I had such a wonderful time! I will get pics up soon.


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                          Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                          Congratulations to all the players and organizers! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Can't wait to see the pictures!


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                            Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                            We had a great time and are still completely shocked that we won! We had a fabulous time and loved meeting everyone! Mega thanks to all who planned!

                            We are completely wiped today, barely able to hobble around Epcot for a few hours. I will do a trip report when we get home tomorrow.


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                              Re: WDW Gumball Rally Results - Awesome!!!

                              Originally posted by WheresMickey View Post
                              Great job everyone! Need to have the event in DL again!
                              Are we, are we, huh? huh? PLEASE!!!!
                              GH, GD and I went to the parks briefly yesterday and Friday and GD (who wore her MC lanyard complete with Gumball Rally/Anniversary pins as well as the cool dog tags we received) kept asking - "Are we doing this again next year" and "If so, we need a better name". Uh, "NO", Team YoHo is cool! Plus, they have great new "Pirate Princess" ears this year for our "costumes".
                              Rally Rat, Oh how I've missed thee!


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