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Old Key West and big group tips?


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  • [Question] Old Key West and big group tips?

    We have just booked a trip next year for 3 weeks satying at Old Key West in a 2 bed villa, there are 6 adults 2 kids and an infant.

    Basically what I was wondering was how does the OKW resort work with maids etc? Never stayed in this type of resort before! Also do you have any advice about staying in this resort and for large groups - we have 9!

    Also we will be celebrating a 50th birthday whilst we are there, and I know about the badges and the cakes if you eat out but I was wondering how do you go about getting balloons or a card or a phone message sent to the room on the day?

    Thanks guys!!

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    Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

    any help... ? ? ?


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      Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

      Hi there! I'm sorry I missed your thread!

      We stayed at OKW back in May and we enjoyed it very much!

      I know there was a pamphlet in the room that stated they would come out once a week to change the linen and such but there was a daily basket filled with fresh linen and towels every morning outside our door. They would come in everyday to change the trash and make the beds but we were never there so it wasn't an issue.

      Regarding the size, OKW was the first to be built so they are the largest of the DVC resorts so that's in your favor with so many people.

      I have some photos of the resort area and the 1BR we stayed in here..

      WDWFanPics - WDW Photography |

      But I know that has more photos of the larger villas that you could look at, they are quite large and I don't see how that wouldn't accommodate your party.

      Old Key West Photos

      Regarding the birthday, call and have them note on the reservation that it's someone's birthday as they will arrange to have something special waiting for them when you arrive. Also mention it for any dining reservations that you might have, most restaurants will do something extra special for that person. Don't forget to grab a birthday button at Guest Relations as all the CM's will wish them a Happy Birthday during their trip.

      If you want to arrange more than that (for anything that requires an extra fee) there is a special number to call that I can't seem to find. LOL But if you call the general reservation number 407 WDISNEY, I'm sure they could give the correct phone number.


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        Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

        We have stayed at OKW twice. Last year we had 7 people that came with us, and we had stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment style room. The maid service came every day for us, and made our stay quite comfortable! The only thing that was kind of inconvienient for us...our villa was in the very back of the resort, so we had to wait for bus service (since we did not rent a car) and the buses took forever sometimes. That would be my only big complaint.

        Then this last year we were celebrating my birthday and my boyfriend went down to the front desk and had them send me balloons and a card with Mickeys picture on it that he had signed :-)! They delivered them in the morning right before we were going to go to the park! It was so sweet.

        Hopefully this helps!


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          Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

          My family goes to WDW OKW every other year (the odd years) over Thanksgiving week. We stay for an average of 10-12 days (I'm so jealous of you staying 3 weeks!) and we get a 3-bedroom villa every time. We have a large party that travels - 8 adults and two kids. I can't remember when it is but they do list what days they have maid service on. I can't recall a time where I had any complaints about this property. I love how quiet it is and that whole "home away from home" feeling. The buses always seemed plentiful and we never had to wait more than 15 min's tops I think.

          There are plenty of pools around and the restaurant on property (Olivia's) is top notch! The service all the way around at Old Key West is just awesome.

          *sigh* I have a whole bloody year to wait. UGH! Anyway, I get to celebrate my birthday at Disney since it's always during that time period when we travel. I always am given the "Today is my birthday" pins and the CMs really make me feel uber-special to say the least. I have not had the pleasure of having balloons or cards, etc...I may have to look into that though for '09. I would think though if you mention it at the reception area they could give you all the info you would need.

          Good luck and have a great vacation!
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            Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

            Wow, sounds like a great resort! I'm looking forward to it even more now!! Thanks for all the advice!! :-)


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              Re: Old Key West and big group tips?

              I hope you have a wonderful visit at Old Key West! It's the first DVC Resort and with that it comes with a great Home away from Home feel. Since you're not staying as a DVC member you will have housekeeping service daily. Regarding the birthday, just be sure to make a note of it when you check-in and you can get a button there as well. You can call from the room for a birthday wakeup call also. One major thing I'd like to share with this resort is that there are only three buildings with elevators so you might have to climb one or two flights of stairs. IF this is a problem, communicate with who you booked with and make a note of needing the first floor for medical reasons. Also, certain requests are always noted and they try to accomadate the best they can, but certain buildings near the Hospitality House are reserved for DVC members only with their special booking type.


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