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Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08


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  • Trip Report Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

    Last night the 20th, G-Fan and I attended this year's MVMCP 08... This is the party's 25th anniversary this year!! (How time flies?) and I was hoping for something a little more...unusual from the previous years.

    Lo and behold. No surprises here except for the one thing that was missing the most and one that many other guests were commenting on..
    Where is the MK Xmas tree?
    Zip! No Xmas tree anywhere.

    Still Main Street was decorated nicely this year. I particualrly like the Mickey garden at the front of the park. The Castle Dreamlights are gorgeous. The faint snowfall over Main Street is magical as usual.

    The merchandise for the party was nice with a new lightup hat and tee/sweatshirts that commemorate the 25th anniversary of the party in a subtle way.

    This year, the parade seemed quite nice. Very enjoyable with lots of performers and dancers... quite like TDL parades, and I liked that. KUDOS!

    Christmas Wishes as always... was fun.

    Wish I had more time to elaborate but must run now... but if you are planning to go... and have been before, do not expect much new from previous years.. but if you do not mind dropping 50-some $$ per person, be my guest and enjoy.

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    Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

    I'll be going on the 9th! I've been several times before, but we still like it! It's part of our annual tradition.
    I want my cake back!


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      Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

      I'm told that the free hot chocolate is fabulous.

      And only in a Disney thread could the words "subtle" and "light up hat" be used in relation to one another.
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        Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

        Wow, 25th year already?

        Next December will be our first time for the Xmas season and 2nd time to the park. I hope it's just as nice then.


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          Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

          I was there on November 11th. Cast member John from Foster, RI (part of the Dream Squad) told me that it was their longest parade of the year. I was there with one of my developmentally disabled clients, who coincidentally LOVES parades. We watched the parade twice... TOP NOTCH.

          The hot chocolate was great, although the sugar cookies were sorta bleah IMO.

          The snow on Main Street was a great effect and I concur about the nice picture spot at Mickey's Garden.

          I would most definitely go again!


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            Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

            I actually want to do this at some point. Closest to the holidays I've ever been to WDW is the day after Thanksgiving back in 1996.


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              Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

              Thanks for the review. Did you get to sit on Santa's lap and ask for your Christmas gifts?


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                Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                Pictures !! TDL we need visual ! and no tree? why?


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                  Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                  Sorry to disappoint but I did not take my camera along and do not have pictures from the event. I am sure other Micechat crew reporters (SummerInFL or Nbodyhome) besides myself will provide some of those later.. But check out tomorrow's Weekend Update for extensive Xmas pics from the MK.
                  Originally posted by mikeland View Post
                  Thanks for the review. Did you get to sit on Santa's lap and ask for your Christmas gifts?
                  You know.. Besides the Santa in the parade's finale, I did not see any other Santas doing meet and greet in the park, not even in the Santa spot next to the City Hall.

                  In regards to the Xmas tree being MIA... I do not understand why and the one CM I asked about actually "did not know the tree was missing" end quote. I can only guess that 1) they are late putting it up, or 2) they may have a new tree coming this year as the case with DL park in CA, and they have not recieved it yet? Who knows..

                  Also, the free cocoa and cookies.. They are OK but nothing I would call spectacular. Guests also have the choice of recieving packaged apple slices in lieu of cookies... but I have to admit.. some guests were helping themselves a bit too much, like the elderly couple next to us at the Plaza Pavillion Restaurant (sorry, but Noodle Station is a dumb name I do not use).. who had at least 4 cocoa cups and at least 10 cookies on their table. I guess they were getting their money's worth.

                  One more comment.. this evening was one of those nights when APers get a reduced rate to attend the party. Therefore, the park was very busy. A bit too much IMHO.. So plan accordingly because they are packing those parties to capacity on some nights and I believe it will get worst as time gets closer to Xmas day.

                  Things to avoid so you do not waste time: The dance parties... and if you much sit thru Belle's story telling show for whaever reason, I would suggest you skip that as well...

                  In regards to the parade... yes, it was nice and well produced. I do like that, in almost every section of the parade, they have dancers and performers doing more elaborate dance routines than those silly cardio moves they do in the regular daily parade. As I mentioned before, it was as close as MK parade has been to the rolling epics we see in Tokyo, and for that, I apprecite the effort and actually enjoyed it enough to see it twice. I recommend getting a spot on Main Street so you can enjoy the parade while the snow falls.. It just adds a bit more magic to the whole affair. But be advised: get there early to claim a spot on the curb if you want to sit down and be upfront. We waited 45 mins before the parade and most spots on the curb were gone. Plan accordingly.

                  Originally posted by maddogms
                  Cast member John from Foster, RI (part of the Dream Squad) told me that it was their longest parade of the year. I was there with one of my developmentally disabled clients, who coincidentally LOVES parades. We watched the parade twice... TOP NOTCH.
                  Agreed. The Xmas parade has always been the longest and biggest parade at the MK in any given year. Also, if I am not mistaken.. seemed to me some refurbishing has been done to some of the floats... and they look somewhat different and freshly painted or re-done.. Most prominently, the former ice-skating float that used to feature Snow White, now has a "ski lodge" feel to it with Chip and Dale on it.. Even Santa's float at the end of the parade seemed different. Gone from the parade is the other Tencennial Parade float unit (the glass castle character barge seen with the Fab 5 characters in the regular parade is reused here if) is the Riverboat float. That was one of my favorite parts of the parade, with a decidedly colorful new Orleans feel to it, and I greatly missed it this year.
                  One thing I would fix in ANY of the MK parades including this xmas parade: CM's pushing the parade name float at the very beginning. In Tokyo, Paris and HKDL, the opening "parade name" float has always been a real float with characters on it and/or self powered and not a "bicycle/push" float that requires two CMs pushing it from either side. But that is just my preference.

                  In the meantime, like I said before... if there is anyone out there who is in doubt of attending and has been before... be advised, most of the entertainment is pretty much the same and may not be worth spending the money if you really do not want to. Let me put this in perspective... it costs about $58 to attend the party and you are only able to enjoy the park from 4pm until midnight, one parade, one fireworks show and two musical shows.. In contrast...TDL charges around $56 for the entire day, and you can enjoy 2 different parades, fireworks, at least 6 stage shows some of them Xmas exclusives or regular shows with special xmas finales for the event, over 35 attractions, and all of the holiday merchandise and special menus available for the season. This is why I feel these parties are grossly over-priced.. but this is not to be negative, but to allow you to decide if you think it's worth it. I like the party but it has become cost prohibitive.

                  PIN TRADERS take note: they had all 8 different party pins on sale the other night, plus the Ap-exclusive and a framed set that has one additional pin available on the framed set only, and a jumbo pin as well. In previous years, they have only sold some pins per party nights, but I guess since they had most of the Halloween party pins leftover, they feel it would be best to sell them all out now? Dunno, but if you collect these pins.. get to the party early and buy them before they start selling out.

                  ONE MORE thing I would like to see Disney fix... the continuing problem of non-party paying guests lingering in the park way after they were supposed to leave at 7pm. I did noticed quite a large number of guests not wearing the required wristband, and to make an example of this... the party of 4 sitting in front of us for the first showing of the parade did not have wristbands and were not supposed to be there. A few Cms came down the parade route checking for wristband until they stumbled upon this particualr party. The male head of the family argued over with the CM, who politely repeated that announcements in regards to the closing of the park at 7pm and the need to purchase tickets were made repeatedly over the PA system. Still, this man kept arguing he was not told about this. Finally, they got up and left and the CM prevailed, but I hardly believe this is the right way to conduct business at the MK. I have been witnessing this problem over and over for the past few years since they instituded the change in policy about keeping the MK opened until 7pm. Still, people from the daytime hours are able to stay inthe park until late into the party hours. The system is NOT effective, and they should go back to closing the park, clear it and then re-open it for party guests. It's extremely unfair that most pay over $55 to attend this party and some are there for free just because they did not get caught.

                  I think this is as much info/comments as I can provide here... Any questions, comments, feel free to post below.
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                    Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                    I am glad I was not the only one noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people that just "stayed" after the 7pm closing. I went on Sunday and the parade route seemed very busy. They only seemed to check the wristbands at the Twas the Night show and if you wanted to go on an attraction. It was very irratating!!! I will also agree that I really enjoyed all the performers and characters in the parade, always nice to see Christopher Robin and Clarabelle And Peter Pan in his scarf is just to cute!

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                      Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                      I saw some stragglers in September for the Halloween party and it didn't bother me at all.

                      The thing that bothered me was when people would show up 5 minutes before a parade and then try to squeeze in front of us, that's not happening.


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                        Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                        Stragglers should bother you. They are there stealing time at the parks while others pay to enjoy the party. Stragglers also add to the limited capacity, making these parties overly crowded... and again, they are there for FREE. It's deplorable that management at the MK does not deal with this in a more effective way (aka: the old ways when they closed the park)


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                          Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                          Originally posted by TDLFAN View Post
                          . It's deplorable that management at the MK does not deal with this in a more effective way (aka: the old ways when they closed the park)
                          This is something that really bothers me about the parties. Not only do people stay longer and enjoy things that others pay extra for - but not everyone realizes that they are even supposed to leave. That leaves cast members to the unenviable task of telling guests to get out of the park or pay, and it's not comfortable for the guests. I don't like it at all.

                          I went twice this year, and I enjoyed it - and I was told that it was too expensive (very expensive) to move the tree from the front to Main Street. I still wish it was there, it seems crazy to not have a tree for the Christmas parties!


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                          Originally posted by TDLFAN
                          I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
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                            Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                            I agree with you on this as well Denise. I do not like that one bit either. As for the tree... I think it's a bit unexcusable to offer the parties without it. In this day and age, I do not see why the tree can't be installed by now.


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                              Re: Quick thoughts from MVMCP 08

                              We were at MVMCP on the 16th and also thought it was odd that the MK tree wasn't up yet, though DAK had it's and Epcot's went up the night of the 12th. Our wrist braclets were under our sleeves all night and never once was it checked to go on any rides or shows, and I also noticed alot of day guests just hung around. Even when we entered the CMs at the gate were just automatically putting a wrist band on us without even knowing what kind of ticket we used to get in. Saw the parade from beginning of main street at town square facing the castle and Santa was doing the meet and greet by the flag pole and was taken backstage minutes before the parade turned the corner onto Main St. Not sure if anyone noticed this but the bench with Roy and Minnie is missing. Overall the party was the same as always but still an enjoyable event, even though I miss the full perimeter fireworks that have been missing since the first time I saw them in 2003. And I was bothered that I paid extra for it and there were others that didn't.

                              I've got some pictures that I hope to post when I get around to doing a TR

                              Word of warning the cups and lids for the hot chocolate are really cheap this year. The lids were secured to the cups all around but still 4 out of the 5 of us had hot chocolate drip down our shirts from under the lids.


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