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What resort(s) have you stayed at?

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  • [Fun] What resort(s) have you stayed at?

    I thought for fun we could discuss the resorts we've stayed at and which was your favorite and why?

    Also, you could mention what resort you'd like to stay at and why?

    I'm constantly trying to stay places I've never been before so my list is constantly growing, in regards to my favorite that would have to be the POFQ. I love the intimate setting and the theming of this resort. I also love the boat to DTD, it's a nice break from the buses and the pool is just the right size for our needs.

    As far as one I've never stayed at, that would be the Beach Club, the pool alone is reason enough for me to try it and it's in such a great location!

    So what are yours?
    Value - All Star Music; Movies; Sports; Pop Century
    Moderate - Caribbean Beach; Coronado Springs; Port Orleans French Quarter/Riverside
    Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Beach Club/Yacht Club
    Boardwalk Inn
    Grand Floridian
    Wilderness Lodge/Fort Wilderness
    DVC Resorts - Saratoga Springs; Old Key West
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    Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

    I've stayed at Pop Century, All Star Music, PORS, and Shades of Green. Honestly Shades of Green has been my favorite, but in order to stay there you have to rent your soul to the US government. So I'm not sure if this really counts as a Disney Resort anymore anyways... And TDLfan will say no. But I say it's nice and I enjoyed it when I was in the Military.
    Other than that Port Orleans has been my favorite. It's a great resort, with a fun atmosphere. Although, every time that I have stayed there the boats to DTD where closed.
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      Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

      I've stayed at Port Orleans, both Riverside & French Quarter and Pop Century. My favorite is probably Pop Century just for the atmosphere. I'm a total pop culture junkie. But I loved the rustic look of Riverside and I liked the room decor there better than French Quarter.

      I'd kill to stay at the Polynesian though. I love to just hang out in the lobby or on the beach at night.


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        Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

        I've stayed at POR when it was Dixie Landings (my fav experience), AKL, Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, and Poly. If I return, I am tempted by a multi room DVC villa or maybe Boardwalk (I do love Epcot with a passion).
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          Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

          Wow ... for me it'd be easier to mention which resorts I have NOT stayed at as over the years, I've been lucky enough to stay at most of them.

          My favorite resort would have to be the Contemporary. I love the location, the theme, the views and the fact that the monorail goes right through it.

          One resort I have yet to stay at and has always intrigued me are the cabins at Fort Wilderness.


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            Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

            We've stayed at ASMovies, which we really weren't happy with. Bad enough that we checked out after two nights and switched resorts.

            We ended up at Caribbean Beach, which we loved. We had a great location right by our sections's quiet pool. We loved the atmosphere and the cms there were wonderful.

            Last trip we stayed at Coronado Springs, which was really pretty. It started off rocky but issues were cleared up quickly and we had a nice stay.

            Our trip in 2009 we're staying at the Boardwalk Inn and I'm so so looking forward to it

            Not included in the poll, but my first ever trip to WDW I stayed the Disney Inn. And our last trip there we stayed at the Nickelodeon Hotel for a couple of days before moving to Coronado Springs.
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              Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

              I have only stayed at POFQ, Wilderness Lodge and Coronado Springs. I would have to say my favorite was probably POFQ, I just loved the ambiance, charm, and location. I would return to any of the three resorts though. My favorite resor that I have not stayed in is Beach Club, I am hoping to stay there for my big 2010 trip.

              I know we are talking about Disney resorts here, but I have also stayed at the Royal Pacific Resort in Universal and it is my favorite place in Orlando. It is beautiful and the service is fantastic!


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                Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                I don't get to stay over very often (usually just make day trips over there), so my list is fairly short. All Star Music, Fort Wilderness campground and Coronado Springs (twice).

                I've visited all of the resorts though. It's something I would highly recommend for a day of Disney exploring that doesn't include the parks. My dream resort to stay at would be Wilderness Lodge. There's just something about it that I love.


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                  Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                  Eh, I don't know how to click, and I mis-voted. Oh well.

                  I have been in

                  Pop Century
                  All Star Movies
                  Carribbean Beach
                  Port Orleans (Riverside)
                  Saratoga Springs
                  Beach Club

                  I am planning on either AKV or Wilderness Lodge for the next trip

                  Boardwalk so far is my fave.

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                    Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                    We have stayed at:

                    Caribbean Beach
                    Port Orleans Riverside
                    Port Orleans French Quarter


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                      Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                      So far:

                      POFQ June 2004
                      Boardwalk Villas May 2005
                      Boardwalk Inn November 2007

                      I really do love the Boardwalk. The location is just about perfect. My husband told me that he would like to keep going back to stay at Boardwalk every time we go.
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                        Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                        So far, stayed at CBR, CSR, ASM and Poly with Poly being the favorite for several reasons...monorail access and minimal walking being the top two reasons. Not that the other resorts were bad. Had great service at all of the resorts, even ASM.

                        Always wanted to stay at the Contemporary because I love the architecture and innovative design of the building with the monorail passing through it and all. I know some might say it looks too 70's or resembles a giant toaster, but I don't care. I still like it!


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                          Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                          Only stayed at Port Orleans Riverside when it was Dixie Landings and Boardwalk Villas on property, but in a few days I will be at the Wilderness Lodge so that should be fun!

                          Loved Boardwalk mainly due to the location, though the theming is great too. Epcot is my favourite park and being walking distance from 2 parks is quite something at WDW!


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                            Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                            We made our first WDW visit just a couple of weeks ago. We ended up splitting our time between the Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge and the Swan.
                            My son is 5 and adored the Contemporary, the monorail right inside the building and the proximity to Chef Mickey's were irresistible to him. We were on the 'backside' and the view of the lake and pools and nightly floating light show was nice. The room was large and not retro-tacky as I was afraid of.
                            The Wilderness Lodge had a much smaller room, but the atmosphere there is lovely, it's great to leave the park and sort of go into the woods, Disney-style. Very relaxing.
                            The Swan is more of a 'regular' hotel...although the room was nice enough, it seems to be more business-oriented (hence the convention center onsite, I guess) and less family centered. Riding the boats or walking to Epcot was nice...much nicer than the one horrible bus experience we had (on my birthday no less...a really horrible, horrible day) not the fault of the Disney bus people.


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                              Re: What resort(s) have you stayed at?

                              All Star Music - September 2005
                              Pop Century - January 2007
                              Coronado Spring - November 2007
                              Polynesian - June & November 2008