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Best division of time between the parks?


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  • [Question] Best division of time between the parks?

    We're going to WDW in June, and I'm so excited! I haven't been there in about 20 years, since I was 10 years old. We're staying at the Boardwalk Hotel and will have 7 days to divide between the parks, and we're trying to get a feel for how much time we need at each of the parks. So, which parks can we wrap up in a day, and which require a little more time to explore? Any opinions or advice will be appreciated!
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    Re: Best division of time between the parks?

    I'm sure you'll get tons of advice on that, but as far as I'm concerned there really is no answer that fits everyone. We all enjoy the parks differently, so I would say don't be too strict with a schedule. Maybe a loose schedule with plenty of flexibility for the things that catch your interest the most.


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      Re: Best division of time between the parks?

      Originally posted by sunnygirl View Post
      We're going to WDW in June, and I'm so excited! I haven't been there in about 20 years, since I was 10 years old. We're staying at the Boardwalk Hotel and will have 7 days to divide between the parks, and we're trying to get a feel for how much time we need at each of the parks. So, which parks can we wrap up in a day, and which require a little more time to explore? Any opinions or advice will be appreciated!
      Ooh, how exciting!

      Seven days is a very good amount of time to get everything in. I'd spend at least one full day at each park. You need time to do the non-DLR rides like Expedition Everest - well everything at DAK actually, and to take in the different atmospheres. Your main priorities I would suggest are Epcot, purely because you WILL need more then a day there to fully experience and explore, and DAK, because you don't get much more unique then that park. Your advantages of being a DL regular will serve you well, because you won't/might not feel the need to suffer the ridiculous queues for Soarin', Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain etc and you can spend that time on taking in attractions and parts which you can only find in WDW.

      You won't need to return to the Studios after a day, and that will also probably be the park you spend the least time at. You MUST do Rock n Rollercoaster, and if you can fit it in, Tower of Terror for the 4th dimension room, but Rock n Roller is your priority cos out of the current 'big 3' at the Studios, Disneyland has it's own Toy Story and Tower.

      Obviously Magic Kingdom isn't exactly that unique from Disneyland. It has a slightly different Mansion, a ghost of a Pirates... I think Thunder is different, and Splash is double-seated instead of single. Ridiculously exciting, I know. Also, I think Space will be closed by then. I'm not a big fan of the Stitch ride but I personally think the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is hilarious and extremely enjoyable, so I would recommend that completely. You will need to catch Wishes and SpectroMagic!

      I don't need to say too much about Epcot. It really speaks for itself. Check out Spaceship Earth, the Land, Test Track, Mission Space, erm... I can't think if I missed anything. Then there's World Showcase, and you can explore each of the countries, it's really nice to wonder around each one, soaking up the atmosphere. There's always some live entertainment in of some sort. You can't miss IllumiNations either!

      Then there's Animal Kingdom. Make Everest and the Safari your priorities, both are the standout attractions. DAK is very atmospheric, and Dino-Land excluding, has fabulous and detailed theming that you really do need to soak up. Africa and Asia are prime examples of this. Check out the Lion King show, and the Finding Nemo Musical is excellent, but also very popular. The Bugs Life movie is very funny too, but I think that is at Disneyland too, is it not?

      Anyway, June is very humid and hot, and jam packed busy. You'll have an awesome time though, very excited for you!

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        Re: Best division of time between the parks?

        Like was said above, there is really no set time.

        As Disneyland veterans, there are definitely some things that you will want to do that are unique to WDW, or different enough from Disneyland.

        Spaceship Earth
        Test Track
        Mission Space
        Journey into Imagination
        World Showcase
        The Seas's with Nemo and Friends.
        The Land Boat Ride

        Soarin' is exactly the same as Disneyland's version, so you can probably skip this. I personally love Universe of Energy, but it's like a 45 minute ride.

        Rock N' Roller Coaster
        Tower of Terror
        Backlot Tour
        Beauty and the Beast Show

        Star Tours and Toy Story Mania are the same as the DL versions, so again, skip if you wish.

        Disney's Animal Kingdom:
        Well, the park will be all new to you. Only holdover from Disneyland is Tough to be a bug. Make sure you catch the Nemo show.

        Magic Kingdom:
        Philharmagic is one of my favorite Disney attractions EVER. The Fantasyland rides, while the same in name, are not the same. I find Snow White and Pooh to be MUCH better at WDW. Peter Pan is on par I think. Small World is MUCH shorter at WDW. The Country Bears are still there, you can skip the Tiki Room unless you feel like being tortured.

        I know personally, if I had 7 days, I would say 2 days at EPCOT, 2 days at MK, 2 days at AK and 1 day at DHS. Of course, we generally rent a car so park-hopping is not an issue. We would generally end our nights at EPCOT a couple more days. I love that frickin' place.

        Also, if you plan on having any meals at any of the resorts, 'Ohana can't be beat. Especially if you have a big group. It's a great fun place to eat.


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          Re: Best division of time between the parks?

          Depends on what you like to do on a holiday... but expect that you probably will not spend as much time in the MK as you'd expect, and probably more in the others then you'd expect.

          Also, do not forget the experiences OUTSIDE the parks. Plan tours, plan dinners, plan sightseeing, do the water parks, etc.

          In 7 Days you will not see it all, but you will get to do what you want to get done.

          I think the key is to not feel guilty about switching parks, but do not do it too often in a single day, as you do burn time switching. So there is no harm in going to DAK early, then hitting DHS for the afternoon, and then doing dinner and fireworks in EPCOT. It helps greatly to have a car. This 'late afternoon' swap is great for hitting just a few attractions that you want to do again but don't want to spend the entire day at the park. You may find yourself doing that often at DHS.. its good to go get a fix of the rides you want and then bolt off to something else.

          I'd plan your major park visits first, then put in your dinning schedule, and plan park movements from where those add up.

          Do EMH mornings when you can.. avoid EMH evenings except the very late nights at MK if you are night owls and come back AFTER midnight.


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            Re: Best division of time between the parks?

            First off - Yay!

            You need at least 1 day each park, and for Epcot and Magic Kingdom, that will not be enough. Especially for Epcot- which is mostly new to you, 1 day is not enough to enjoy everything. You should plan at least 2. Just the world showcase can take the entire day just to look at everything. there are a lot of details and you don't want to miss anything. At MK - depending on the hours, you may feel 1 day is enough since you are a DL regular .For Animal Kingdom and Studios, 1 day each will be fine, IMO.

            I would plan 1 day at MK, 1 day at DAK, 1 day at DHS, and 2 days at Epcot. The remaining 2 days I would use to explore the other areas of WDW, like the boardwalk, and the different resorts.

            When you go to the Studios, you can go over and get a fast pass for Rockin Roller Coaster. The lines can get a bit long.

            Also, it can get a bit busy in June, and it can get very humid. Plan to be flexible and enjoy.

            And take lots of pics!!!
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              Re: Best division of time between the parks?

              Our first time we planned one day at each park and then decided that on the last 3 days we would spend time back at whatever we liked best. For us, we easily did DAK in one day and had no desire to return there. On that first trip, we really wanted to try everything and pretty much did exactly that. We LOVE Epcot and do 2 days there each trip, we also do a day by the pool or at a waterpark for rest. I am sure you already know this, but the best WDW advice I would give is to get to the parks early, we try to always be at rope drop. You can always rest later in the day if you are beat.

              I am so jealous you guys are staying at the Boardwalk! That is my dream resort!


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