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Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.

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  • [Review] Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.

    Ok.... you can now utube daytime footage of this new entertainment at the MK. The night time footage was a cast rehearsal. The show is VERY well recieved so far by MK crowds. If you like Block Party, your going to like this. If you hate Block Party, your not! Well you likely won't but who knows for sure until you watch it yourself. I've seen it three times now, on three different dates, and it has grown on me. Its working. In this day of nothing but bad news, this show is creating 15-25 minutes of just celebrating whatever and having some fun doing it. Is it the best thing Disney has ever done. Hardly. Is it good. Yes. Is it better then the family fun parade. Infinately! Definately! Yes doesn't say yes strong enough. This is a HUGE plus compared to family fun day, which was officially discontinued to make room for this show. Good move.

    The procession isn't really specatular as for as parades go. I have heard these floats are the Mardi Gras / Surprise celebration Parade float retrofitted, and I though I don't know if its true, its believable especially for the lead float. The following four floats are seamingly identical and not too exciting. Pretty much a giant wrapped gift box on a a moving platform with some characters riding along to compliment it. Gee... could this box have a suprise character hidding within? It rolls out by the fire house and proceeds directly to the middle of Main Street. (no town square loop). Announcer (live on the first float) invites all to follow the procession towards the castle/hub. It will do a loop and half around the hub getting all the floats within the circle of the hub and then staging them where they want. Warning: if your in the middle of the hub this show will circle you 360 degrees and you will be trapped. Once "parked" the "movers" as I recently learned Disney calls them... being to move. Looks like dancing to the untrained eye but appearantly we can't call it that anymore something to do with paying dancers more. ok... so movers it is, and they start to jam out. The suprise characters then pop in, or should I say pop up And finally all are invited into the Street party. At this point if your trapped and want to leave you can across the street but most jump into the street and follow the movers in party favorite dance moves. What what stikes me is just how many of these guests are wearing their "What will you celebrate" Buttons. 1st Time visitors, anniversarys, weddings, birthdays, family reunions.... all the button can be found proudly displayed by guests with little effort. So while some will espape the hub, Most seem to stay and party.

    I have not seen WDW pull off successful audieance participation on this level in FOREVER. And this is were the show succeeds. Where the revamped / reinvented Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade struggles to get the crowd to even clap along, Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it easily pulls thosands of guest into the street to dance, opps sorry, MOVE with the characters and performers. Call it cheesy, call it corny, but darn it if it works and I found myself not only entertained by it, but for the first time in years, willingly participating with Frozo (yes from the Incredibles), a few cast members, and 100's of guest in a massive conga line. This really is the show stop the main parade should have had. I knew I was hooked when they asked us to go back unto the curb and clear the street so the floats could leave, and I was slightly unwilling to do so hoping that maybe it would last a little longer. I think I might still like Block Party more but that said, I would say the the Audience participation is infinately stronger and better played out with Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it. Another warning and possible issue.... Parents Stick with your kids!!!! Seriously, when I say the streets of full of guests moving around I mean FULL. I have watched it three time now, and the two times I participated, I did NOT end up where I started watching the show. Your kids won't either. But according to my friends in Guest Relations, they have not had lost children issues due to this show as of yet. So all seems good. Over all I am going to say two thumbs up. And I am pretty synical but in this case, I sort of came in with a high moderate, or low high expectation and was not disappointed. The floats are lacking a little, but that aside, this show truley succeeds in getting a couple thousand park guests a day to litterally move it, shake it, celebrate it!

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    Re: Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.

    Sounds like they are going in a good direction, one note though. At WDW there are never lost children except on Peter Pan's Flight, the question to ask is how many parents have gotten lost where their children cannot find them. It's semantics I know but when you tell a child there parent's wandered off and got lost they aren't as scared and are easer for CM's to help. :ap:
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      Re: Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.

      I've seen and photographed it maybe 5 or 6 times now, I love this new addition to the MK!

      Favorite TDL Typo:

      Originally posted by TDLFAN
      I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
      on Bay Lake.


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        Re: Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it.

        I agree with you Denise! I loved this show as well!! It's the closest thing the MK has come to do when compared to TDL's famous audience participation parade route epics. I love it!! Highly recommended it on my review.