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Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O


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  • Trip Report Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

    Angie has just got back from his 4 full day trip to WDW and is ready to tell all!

    Thrills, Spills, Chills and...

    (well not really the last one...)

    What fabulous adventures did he have? Stay tuned and find out!
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    Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

    Can't wait!
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      Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

      Geez! I hate this kind of teaser! Want pics now!!!
      I want my cake back!


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        Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O



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          Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

          Originally posted by seenoevil View Post
          Geez! I hate this kind of teaser! Want pics now!!!
          Originally posted by aimster View Post
          Tease? Oh I never do that. As for pictures, you'll have to wait even longer. All I had to take photos was a 39 pic disposable camera. Ya, remember how those things had film in them? And you had to get them developed? That's what must be done before I post any pictures, you'll have to make due with descriptions for today (and maybe scans from a book of sorts).

          But enough of this yick-yack, chat-chat and film-flam, just refrain from hibernating and I'll tell you my story:

          Day 1: MK and a most horror of horrors.

          - Flight was fine, bumpy on the way down, screaming kids, the usual..

          - Met parents and checked into Dolphin, was all set to go to MK, but the horrible fact struck me. In my 13 trips to WDW, this was the first time I forgot to pack running shoes. All I had was the dress shoes I wore to the airport. None the less I decided to go to MK anyway.

          -How I got there was loads of fun, I decided to walk from Dolphin, to Epcot, through Epcot, take monorail to TTC and then MK, to see how long it would take. 50 minutes was the total, not so bad as I still got to MK around lunch time.

          -Went to Tony's and got a tabel as a walk in (did that lots on this trip, take that Disney Dinning Plan!) and had a good lunch (but that gelato wern't real gelato as far as I was concerned). Then I did the following attractions:

          Country Bear Jamboree (yay, they fixed it! Henry #1's eyelids were acting up though)
          Splash Mountain (Hoppin' Brer Rabbit was working! Gasp! But one of the gators was missing from the finale and Mr. Bluebird wasn't working at the end. Can't win them all I suppose)
          Carousel of Progress (Acts 1-3 loked cleaned up and souned much better too, Rover obviously got that new coat of fur, Act 4 was shameful as always. Ride operator was fantastic he aksed who hadn't been on it before, those who raised their hands were advisted to keep thier seatbelts fastened and 3-D glasses on only during the show. He also told us to be sure to sing the song backwards at the end)
          Haunted Mansion (great as usual, they could light up the eyes of the Sinister 11 pictures though)
          Snow White (corny and awesome, what more could you want?)
          Philharmagic (forgot how good this one was, had all the songs stuck in my head for the rest of the vacation)
          Small World (great but a bunch of dolls were missing)
          Pirates (Davy Jones wasn't working, guy with hats had one hat, ride looked in bad shape, they need go another round at this)
          TTA (fun as usual)
          Mad Tea Party (best is when the cup stops but your head doesn't)
          Pooh (had a 40 minute wait, which I stood in line for because I had done enverything else)

          Now having at this tme been in a pair of sung size 9 1/2 slim dress shoes for some 12-15 hours my feet were needless to say, begining to hurt and I needed a repelacement. never in my wildess dreams would I have guessed that I would actually have to wear these:


          Yes my friends Crocs (black Mickey ones for men), I feel ashamed of myself, but considering the few layers of skin the other shoes took off my heels (one looked like it was going to bleed) I had to wear them anyways for the res of the trip.

          Saw Wishes that night and it was really cold, no Spectro despite my checking online ahead of time and planning accordingly.

          Up next day 2...
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          I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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            Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

            Day 2: Epcot, "tell Snow White what?"

            - With Crocs on feet I headed to Epcot for the extra morning hour, here's the attractions I did that morning:

            Soarin' (fun, sat in 3rd row so you can see the edge of the screen more unfortunately. Film was dirty lookin')
            Spaceship Earth (I finally saw the not done ending, triangles, chicken wire and all! Liked the fixed up first part. AAs looked better as did the lights and sets. Judy's narration didn't bother me like I thought it would. Flash video at end was lame. I've seen ISUs that look better)
            Seas With Nemo and Friends (Angler fish was working. Cruch didn't know what Canada was. Mac and Cheese with a hot dog was some girls favorite food. Manatee wouldn't eat breakfast. You get the idea)
            Journery Into Imagination (this ride neds to be good again, though I got all the references to Medfield College this time)
            Test Track (standbye wait was 50 minutes, Single Rider was a walk on)
            Maelstrom (Norway's spirit will always be adventure! And glow in the dark Trolls!)

            Others things done:

            - Saw Mary Poppins by accident, no wait! Noticed the details on her parasol for the first time

            - Ate lunch at Akershus, sat in same spot as last time, had the traditional which was great as was the dessert plate which I had all to myself. Saw Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle and Aurora. They all liked my drawings of them (which I did for lots of characters for when they would sign my book). Told Aurora she loked better in blue, Jasmine that I didn't fly on no magic carpet to get there, and Ariel remebered my name and remebered to say goodbye as I left.

            - Met Aladdin elsewhere and he gave me this wierd message. He said to tell Snow White "Tag, and she makes the best chocolate brownies ever." Naturally I had to find out what was up so I wanted for her to come out and when she did she told me to tell Mulan that Doepy loves her springrolls. I guess it's some sort of game where you go around and tell each character something else. Never heard of it before but I didn't have time to finish. was going to ask Al what would happen if I finish everything but he wasn't there.

            - Had dinner at Tutto Italia for the first time and enjoyed it very much. Hammy singers should sing real Italian stuff and not "Bella Nottte" to please the America tourists who don't know any better.

            - Way too cold and tired to watch Illuminations that night
            I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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              Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

              Day 3, DHS...BOLT!

              OK so this day I went to DHS wearing my Bolt shirt I got from work knowing that I would meet him and did the following attractions, after seeing the great opening show for the first time:

              Toy Story Midway Mania (lots of fun, much more so than Buzz, but it's packed and I only did it once it was so busy because of stupid Fastpass and no single rider line. Score was 52,600 which I thought was lousy for a first try even though I kept hitting all the high scores)
              Narnia (liked seeing the costumes, but lame clip show was no fun for Angie as he already has the Blu-ray, would have prefered just seeing Caspian)
              One Man's Dream (had a "private" screening of sorts. Aspect ratio of this film is in no way impressive like 2.67:1 Walt Disney Story)
              Disney Anmation (depresing, but I saw some Up storyboards which was cool)
              Tower of Terror (3 times with little wait)
              Rock 'N Roller Coaster (twice)
              Great Movie Ride (fun, but I got the gangster this time. I like the cowboy better since I like seeing the bank go up in flames)
              Little Mermiad (forgot how wet you got)
              Star Tours (noticed stuff in the queue I didn't before)
              Muppets (still awesome)
              Beauty and the Beast (OK, had'nt seen it in awhile)


              - Ate at Sci-Fi where the guy was kind enough to make me a foat even if it wasn't on the menu. Noticed clips from Killer Shrews and stuff this time that I did't before. All CMs yelled "look out!" when Glen threw the needel.

              - Ate at Prime Time Cafe where we had a great waiter who made sure to feed the girl across form us her vegetables.

              - Saw Prince Casipan which was cool as he is a good likeness and I was the first person to see him that day. He asked was I a prince where I come from. I said sorta. Liked my drawinfg of him and told me they do that in Narnia alot.

              - Bolt went nuts for my drawing of him and T-shrt with his name on it, Rhino was there to but not Mittens unfortunately.- Block Party Bash was fun, the generic party music was lousy but the dancing and energy was good

              - Streetmoshpere charactres were funny and great as always. Saw a butter commercial begin filmed, this broad in a red dress who thought much of herself and a very excited security guard
              I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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                Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

                Can't wait to see pictures...
                Crocs aren't that bad...I happen to love my pair!
                Wow...I've been gone a long time...but I'm glad to be back!!


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                  Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

                  Day 4: So what DO you have?

                  - Extra Magic Hour morning at MK, some disappointments:

                  - Not full morning show during EMH, boo
                  - No french toast loaf at bakery "no longer have them" she says
                  - No Fair Godmother meet and greet
                  - No Mad hatter with Alice for meet and greet (but White Rabbit later which nobody told me about)


                  - Rode BTMRR twice with Fastpass (regular line got one load area, Fastpass the other, quite stupid considering how not busy the park was)
                  - Davy Jones was working
                  - Saw HM, Country Bears, Philhramagic, Splash mountain again plus Peter Pan and Treehouse

                  Then I went home and felt sad...

                  But got pics today! (finally) here are some samples:

                  Kids love this one, but I do more

                  Hooray for random live entertainment! Now where's the Diamond Horseshoe Revue?

                  I can BEARLY stand to watch these critters, just kidding.

                  The last of the big time swingers!

                  World's sexiest butter commercial begin filmed

                  Drive by weirdos

                  More streetmosphere.

                  Where Angie reanacts scenes from Funny Face, Gigi, Silk Stockings, The Aristocats and Victor/Victoria. Wait....forget the last one.

                  This Friendship boat was out of service. Hardly firendly if you ask me.

                  Had dinner at this pavilion one night.

                  More out of service boats. Bad show Disney.

                  Colonial ceremonial comotion.

                  My favorite pic I took.
                  I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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                    Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

                    Great pictures thanks for posting!


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                      Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

                      Looks like you had a great time!


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                        Re: Angie Meets the World...Without Shoes! :O

                        Oh I did and I'm glad people are liking the pictures.
                        I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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